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Anthony Furey is a prominent Canadian journalist and politician who has made a significant impact in the media industry and is now vying for the position of mayor of Toronto. With a successful career as a columnist and broadcaster, Furey brings his experience and passion for public service to his campaign.

Early Life

Anthony Furey’s journey in the realm of journalism began in Canada, where he honed his skills as a writer and commentator. Although specific details about his early life are limited, Furey’s professional achievements have made him a recognizable figure in Canadian media.


As a former columnist for the Toronto Sun, Furey has been known for his incisive analysis and engaging writing style. His ability to tackle diverse topics and present thought-provoking opinions has garnered him a dedicated readership. Furey’s work as a columnist contributed to shaping public discourse on various issues affecting Toronto and beyond.

In addition to his writing career, Furey has made his mark as a broadcaster. His insightful commentary has been featured on prominent media platforms, allowing him to reach a wider audience with his perspectives and insights.

Anthony furey Net Worth

Anthony Furey net worth is estimated to be around $1 Million as of 2023, it can be assumed that his extensive career in journalism and broadcasting has contributed to his financial stability. Furey’s success as a columnist, coupled with his appearances on various media outlets, suggests that he has achieved a level of professional accomplishment and financial well-being.

Mayoral Candidacy

Anthony Furey made a significant announcement, he declared his candidacy for the upcoming mayoral elections in Toronto, Canada ahead of June 26 Election. With a strong desire to serve the city he loves, Furey aims to become the 66th mayor of Toronto.

As a candidate, Furey brings a unique blend of journalistic expertise and a deep understanding of Toronto’s issues and concerns. His experience in analyzing and dissecting complex matters will likely shape his approach to policy-making and decision-making if elected.

Furey’s campaign is rooted in his vision for a prosperous and inclusive Toronto. As a candidate, he aims to address critical challenges such as affordable housing, transportation, public safety, and economic growth. Furey’s background as a journalist and his ability to effectively communicate ideas and engage with the public may serve him well in connecting with voters and building support for his platform.

Anthony Furey Family & Children

Anthony furey is happily married with 3 kids in Toronto.

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