“hey, get back here Nina. You’re cheating” Kyl said and swam towards Nina, trying to grab her tail but she was too quick. She dodged and swam towards the right hand corner of the sea.

“when we started to play, you didn’t say we couldn’t cheat. Besides its making the game fun” Nina replied and swam farther away from Kyl.


Kyl: really? You agree with cheating? Fine I’ll show you how it’s done.
Then she swam towards a pile of sea rocks and picked a small one. She swam as fast as she could then threw the rock at Nina.
Nina wasnt expecting it and so the rock hit her right arm and she winced in pain. And stopped swimming immediately. She lost focus and Kyl overtook her.
Nina: hey Kyl. This is absurd. You don’t have to hurt me
Kyl: hahaha. Cheating is cheating. Even if the parties get hurt.
Nina: help me out already. My arm hurts
Then Kyl swam down and held Nina’s arm.
Kyl: it’s not that bad. Come on, let’s hurry up and go to the shore before the humans arrive
Suddenly she grabbed her arm and pulled her out of the way and started swimming away
Kyl: what? You’re a bad bad mermaid.
She began to swim to her. Both trying to overtake each other and giggling at each others jokes.
Soon the light from the sun was sending in bright beams into the water. They were already at the shore. Some fishes were swimming in groups and the two mermaids swam through them and waved at them. Normally, the fishes at the upper part of the sea were scared of mer-beings. Which includes the mermaids and mermen but they weren’t scared of Nina and Kyl cause they were regular faces and had made friends with the fishes. So they were not scared anymore.
The two teens popped their heads up out of the water and looked at the land which was not far away.
Unlike other sea creatures, mer-beings could breathe outside water.

Nina: we’re here
Kyl: looks like the humans haven’t arrived yet
Nina: yes, come on let’s go
The two of them dived back and swam towards the shore. They got to the sand and placed their hands on it.
Kyl: wow. It’s chilly. Early morning chill
Nina: the janitors aren’t here yet. Let’s see what we can find out of this messy beach.
With that, they both brought out their magical pearls they got from their periwinkle friends.
Nina & Kyl : fins to feet and tails to thighs, later we’ll swim but now we’ll walk.
The pearls began to sparkle and their tails turned to legs. They both giggle
Kyl: come on Nina, let’s go savaging.
They got to the sand and began to walk without a proper dress. It was only the shells they used as a bra that was still on and a leafy skirt, making them look like island dwellers.
The humans had littered the beach and trash was everywhere.
Some were useful such as stuff forgotten by the people or even the ones they lost.
Kyl: wow, what’s this?
She asked looking amazed. It was actually a video game that a 10year old misplaced on the beach
Nina: it’s really colourful. I like it. I wonder what it’s for?
Then Kyl pressed a huge red button and the screen came alive with a loud sound or music that startled her, making her fall involuntarily to the ground
Nina: hahahahaha. You look hilarious Kyl.
She helped her to stand up and they continued to search the place finding so many interesting things and having so much fun.
Then it was almost sun rise, they had to get going because the janitor always comes to clean up the place by sun rise.
They got into the water
Nina : well time to go home. Bye bye human world. We’ll come back tomorrow
Kyl: hahahahaha. As if it can hear you. It doesn’t have magic to listen to what you’re saying
Nina: I think it can. Hey Kyl imagine what would happen to us if king Neptune should find out that we always sneak out and go to the human world
Kyl: we’ll be dead or thrown into the dungeon already. Haha come on let’s say our wishes
Both: feet to fins, thighs to tail. Later we’ll walk but now we’ll swim.

They transformed into mermaids again and dived deep into the depths of the blue sea, heading back home to the city of Neptune.
And not less 5mins later, the janitor came to do his work but was surprised to see it all cleaned up and bright. The two mermaids had used their magical powers to clean it up.
The janitor was really happy and began to relax under a coconut tree.


(ťèñ ÿèäřš łåťęŕ)

Mermaid : oh no! Both ma’am Kyl and ma’am Nina are in labor now. Call the midwife’s attention now
2nd mermaid : okay Elle, I’ll do that now.

She took off and minutes later she returned with the midwife. They got into the delivery chamber and attended to both Kyl and Nina.
In less than 5mins Nina brought out her merchild. A very beautiful Little Mermaid, she was really unique.

Her tail was bright blue, eyes were also blue and she had a blue birthmark at the back of her neck.
She was really beautiful and sharp
Elle : what would you name her?
Nina: she’s BLUE. My own Blue




(fïvë ÿëäřš ĺäťëŕ)
Blue: 5…6…7…8…9……10! Ready or not, here I come!
Blue began to swim round the sea rocks, dashing through sea weeds and looking at places a mermaid could possibly be hiding.
Blue: Rainbow, where are you?
Right then she heard a squeak behind her at the back of some tall water plants.
She slowly swam towards them and peeped through. She saw a sparkling tail fin with rainbow colors.

She quickly and swiftly pulled the plants apart and yelled
Blue: gotcha!!
Rainbow : ahhhhh! You scared me
Blue : did you think I wouldn’t find you? The squeaking toy mother gave you is in your hand and it squeaked, so I found you
Rainbow : ohh why didn’t I drop it at home
Blue: hahaha, my turn. Close your eyes
Rainbow closed her eyes and began to count and Blue tried to hide but just then, Kyl began to call Rainbow.

Ma’am Kyl: Rainbow, it’s time for your lessons. Come out here now
Rainbow : oh no! Mother’s calling me already, I have to go now Blue. We’ll play later.
Then she began to swim away
Blue: wait for me, let’s go home together
Then she began to swim faster, trying to catch up with Rainbow


Blue and Rainbow were born on the same day, but Blue was born first. Rainbow also got her name from the color of her tail.
Right from when they were toddlers, they were best friends just like their mothers were. Always playing and working together. They both got the characteristis of their mothers, lively, hardworking, stubborn and cheerful.

Rainbow is somehow stupid, in fact really silly in a funny way.
She always brings silly ideas, played way too much and was most at times too cheerful.

Blue on the other hand was bold, witty and cheerful too.
When it comes to bringing of ideas, she always did it but when it comes to playing silly pranks on other mer-beings, Rainbow took the lead.
Together they were a great team


(ÿëäřś ĺäťëŕ)
Blue and Rainbow are now teenagers and had grown into beautiful mer-maids. They were still very hardworking and cheerful as they were when they were kids.
Nothing really changed about their characters.


(Ñëpťüñë’š čäśťĺë)
All the mer-teens are gathered at the King’s castle. He had summoned all of them for a special orientation. King Neptune didn’t arrive immediately and so there was noise all over the ballroom. Suddenly three red octopuses showcased and began to beat a talking drum signifying the need for decorum. King Neptune came riding in a magical carriage controlled by magical sea horses.
Right hand man : attention y’all! Youths of Neptune City, behold your king!
Then all the youths gave a slight bow while the king cleared his throat.

Neptune : welcome the future of the sea. Today I have called on you all for your orientation. You will be given special lessons after which you’ll be officially inaugurated as middle class members of the city of Neptune.

Then he paused slightly, leaving an awkward silence round the ballroom because it was only his voice that was echoing through the silent room.

Neptune : now! There comes a time when every youth in this kingdom will be trained up to be a respectful and responsible citizen of Neptune. You all will be divided into classes and would be trained in these classes for complete 2 months.

Rainbow : (in dim whispers) I’m tired…..
Blue : (whispers too) shussh…….. Listen to the king.
Rainbow : but he’s taking too much time talking
Blue : rainbow shush or you’re gonna put us in trouble
A merman observes them talking and slowing swims over to them.
Jace : (whispering) what are you girls talking about? You’re distracted already. Now listen….
Rainbow : W..w..wo..ww…
Rainbow had lost herself at the sight of Jace. She couldn’t believe they were standing together and he actually spoke to her.

Jace was her crush. She really liked him but only Blue knew about it. He was cute and well built with orange tail which matched his fair skin. His hair was slightly long, it reached his ears and it was dark. His muscles were really firm and he had the coolest voice.
Rainbow kept staring at these features and getting lost in her imagination until Blue snapped her out of it.

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