Chapter Eleven

Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac

Blue Maid
He carried me and kept me in his car, the front seat.
Then he went through the front and entered inside.

He started the car and drove off in a fast speed

I rested my head on the seat and looked through the window


I remembered Adrian
I miss him
I miss my Adrian so much

I just want to be in his arms again

I wish I could give him a massage again

But will he still love me after he finds out that I’ve been defiled.

I closed my eyes at the thought of that

I just hope he accepts me
And if he doesn’t accept me

Then he doesn’t love me

I looked to the other side
Clint balanced his hands on the wheel and his long hair covered his face partially.

He was really handsome
So good looking

Even more than Adrian but my prince was more muscular

The scar on his neck was not so visible because of the hair.

The reason I saw the scar yesterday was because he packed his hair up in a short pony tail.

Clint : what are you thinking?

He smiled brightly and looked at me

That was the first time I saw him smiling brightly
And I must say he’s better smiling than frowning and looking deadly

Me : I’m thinking of someone

Clint : who if I may ask?

I smiled and looked away

Clint : what did you do to Princess Gladys?

I sighed as I watched the people and things the car was moving past

Me: Gladys hates me because of Prince Adrian

Clint : why?

Me: she’s in love with him. She’s actually his betrothed but he doesn’t approve of it

Clint : keep talking

Me: Adrian and I are…..

Clint : lovers??

I smiled

Me: yes

Clint : I suspected that. But that’s not enough reason to want you dead

Me: she’s obsessed with him. She’s doing this because I’m not important or influential I’m just a Maid Who the prince fell in love with

I looked away again and sighed

Clint : you’re a beautiful maid. Inside and out

I smiled

Clint : your friend is not dead

I looked up and tried to sit well

Me: Derek?

I totally forgot about what he said about Derek
Because I had my troubles at hand.

Clint : yes. He’s not dead. But he was announced dead

I sighed
Me: thank goodness. That’s a relief. But how and why?

He brought out a cigarette and lighted it

Clint : I shot him. But the place where he got hit was not enough to kill him. He’s in coma.

I closed my eyes

Me: Derek must live. He has to live. He just has to

Clint : I’m taking you to meet someone

Me: who
Clint : Belinda

Me: what? She’s here in Ireland?

Clint : yeah. She ran away from Gladys and contacted me to safeguard her against Gladys.
I decided to do that without alerting Gladys so I’ll get a double pay.

Me: wow. So you’re working for two opposite people without letting them know? But why is Gladys after Belinda too

Clint : she’ll tell you everything. I actually alerted her that you were with me

I sighed again
I closed my eyes and told him to park the car somewhere

Clint : why???

Me: I have to do something but please don’t be shocked or do anything stupid?

Clint : okay

He parked the car and looked at me

I sighed again and looked at him.

Me: close your eyes

He stared at me as if he didn’t trust me but he later closed his eyes

I immediately healed up and became as strong as before

I covered his eyes and made him forget how I was looking before

He would remember everything that happened except that I was injured and seriously weak.

I only left a few bruises so I’ll look as if I was actually kidnapped.

I finished and removed my hand

Me: you can open your eyes now

Clint : so what did you do?

Me: I adjusted something

Clint : your undies?
He smirked and I hit his hand

Me: shut up, don’t say things like that

He chuckled and started the car.

We drove to see Belinda.



I got a knock on my door and I gently moved out.
I was still living in fear

I looked and saw it was Clint and Blue

I was so glad to see Blue.

I quickly opened my door and we both screamed and hugged each other

Me: Blue I’m so happy to see you

Blue : me too. I miss you so much

Me: come in. Hi Clint

He nodded and walked to the kitchen with his Ā¢igarette.

Gosh he’s so hot

I looked at Blue.

Me: what happened to your hair. Why did you cut it?

Clint : I did. Don’t ask me why?

His voice was so hoarse.

I sat down and whispered

Me: did he hurt you?
I touched the bruise on her cheek

Clint : yes I did. I raped her

I got enraged and stood up

Me: what?? How dare you??

I turned to him with anger and he stood in front of me smoking

Clint : I raped her and took her innocence

I pushed him though he didn’t move at all

Me: why?? You’re so evil….

Clint : I know. I’m evil.

He smirked

Clint : but I shouldn’t have done it though. I regret it now

I turned to Blue

She was looking at her feet
I hugged her as she was shedding tears

Me: I’m sorry Blue, this is all my fault

She looked up at me

Blue : how??

I sighed and explained everything


Blue : so you just wanted to know her plans. You just wanted to stop her by acting as if you were with her?

I wiped my tears

Me: yes. Derek and I planned it. We wanted to stop her. We wanted to know all her plans.

Actually, the day you guys were to come to Edinburgh, I planned to have you kidnapped and taken away from Adrian because I knew that if she gets hold of you, she will kll you.

We planned it together that I’ll kidnap you and take you to a faraway place where you won’t see Adrian until they got married. But my plan was different from hers.

But that bch is smarter.
She sent Clint to as$assinate you but the bvllet met Derek instead

I broke into tears

My brother
My only companion
He’s gone for something he was guiltless

Blue hugged me and cried to

Blue : you were just trying to help me. I’m grateful

Me: but you lost your innocence

She wiped her tears

Blue : I’m just scared. I hope Adrian still accepts me

Clint : he will. If he loves you as you you say

Me: Cadio will soon be here. He will give us news on Gladys

Clint : Blue, you should rest

He moved to her and helped her up
I was surprised that he could be caring

Clint : I’m taking her to your room

I nodded and he carried her there.

My phone rang and it was Cadio

Belinda I’m here
okay, come in
there’s a car parked outside. Who’s here with you?

Clint? Why?
just come in

He hung up

Two minutes later I heard his knock so I opened up and he entered

He hugged me and kissed my cheek

Cadio : I’m glad you’re safe. So glad

I smiled

Me: thanks Cad

Cadio : where’s Clint?

Clint : I’m here

He walked in with his hair behind this time

Now I’m surrounded with two hot dudes
Even only Audrey was here to see this dudes too

They’re too handsome

Cadio : my man

He gave him a punch

Clint : you came to see your girlfriend huh

Me: he’s not my boyfriend

Cadio laughed

I looked at him and he winked at me
So cute

Cadio : I hope you know your brother is not dead

My eyes widened

Me: are you serious? Derek is alive? Please tell me the truth

Clint : he’s just in coma. But the public thinks he’s dead

Belinda: oh thank you Jesus

I knelt down with joy
Great joy

My brother is alive

Cadio : I need a hug

I stood up and hugged him so tightly

He laughed

Clint : so what are we doing next?

Cadio dropped me and I looked at the both of them

Me: we have to stop Gladys in any way we can from disturbing Blue and Adrian. She has to pay for everything she has done.
Blue must get back with Adrian or they are both gonna die without seeing each other

Clint : good. I know who to contact to get Gladys

Cadio : who?

Clint : Oliver Likes

Cadio : the psychopath who wants Adrian dead? That’s not possible

Clint : he wants Gladys

Me: so?

Clint : so we give him Gladys

Cadio moved behind me and held my waist

Cadio : nice plan

He kissed my neck

Me: why are you just flirting with me?

Clint smirked

Clint : because he likes you

Then he moved back to the room

Me: likes me

Cadio : you haven’t found that out yet?

He kssed my neck again

I wriggled away from him

Me: this love story belongs to Prince Adrian and Blue. Not Belinda and Cadio

Then I walked away

Cadio : but we can make ours right?

He yelled a little because I was not in the room anymore.

Me: let’s wait till theirs is over then

I yelled back and I heard him chuckle

I peeped at him through the kitchen door and smiled

So handsome
To Be Continued
Written by Hossy Rich

It seems Clint and Cadio are going to work together to bring Gladys down

Who else wants to join them?



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