Blue Maid

Season Two

Chapter Twenty-one

Written by Hossana Ojoniko Isaac



Cindy : isn’t this totally awe…some…… Few months ago we entered the castle with a uniform and now we’re entering with a limousine.


So mind blow…ing. I just can’t wait to see Isa, I’ll now be her boss. Or more like a friend to her boss. Gosh this is so awesome! I can’t believe I’ll be attended to.

I can’t believe I’ll stay in the royal chambers and not a maids room with more than one maid. Blue I love you, thank you so much for giving me this privilege. You’re the best Blue

She said all this within a minute and I immediately got a headache.

How can someone talk so fast?

Anyway it means she’s happy and excited

And when she’s nervous, she talks fast too

I smiled at her, as she was busy arranging her things.

I already contacted Audrey and she’ll meet us in Edinburgh.

Cadio and Belinda are also returning to Edinburgh today.

My things were already packed so I decided to check on Adrian.

I got to his room and opened it quietly.

He was checking some documents from his briefcase.

I slowly got in and quietly tiptoed behind him.

He was opening a file when I brushed my hands to his waist and he screamed and jerked up

I really frightened him

I began to laugh but he frowned

Me: haha, sorry

I said but he turned and refused to talk to me

Me: hey

I tugged on his yellow shirt but he ignored me.

He gathered his files and set them in his briefcase.

Me: come on, I’m sorry

He still ignored me and pulled his shirt off

Me: Adrian?

He dropped the shirt in his laundry basket and walked past me.

I became a little bit pissed but I felt a strong arm around my waist and swerved me.

At that very instance, his lips landed on mine and his hands pulled me closer

My eyes were widened because he took me by surprise but I closed them when I became carried away

My hands traced up to his bare chest and I rubbed my palm softly over his skin.

His hands left my waist and cupped my face sweetly.

We began to move towards the bed

He carried me up and laid me down then lowered himself, still kssing me

He reached forth and removed the buttons on my shirt, then brushed his fingers over my tummy

I shuddered and felt electricity round my spinal cord

What is Adrian doing?

He traced his fingers to my jean shorts and got to the zipper

I stopped kssing him immediately and he chuckled and began to tickle me

Me: ahhh, Adrian stop it. Stop… Jeez, Adrian

He finally stopped and began to laugh at me

I quickly covered myself and glared at him

Adrian : man, you’re damn sexy

Me: shut up, just shut up

He laughed and pulled me up.

Adrian : hug me

Me: no

I jerked off and headed towards the door

Adrian : you cannot be angry with me. I’m irresistible

He drew me and carried me almost immediately

I chuckled and hugged him tight
My legs clung to his waist and we began to kss again

Adrian : hey

Me: what

Adrian : guess what?

Me: I can’t guess, tell me

Adrian : I love you

He kssed my neck and I smiled and stroke his hair

Me: I love you more

Adrian : baby, we have to leave. If we should start romance now, will we leave this room?

I laughed and he kssed me slightly and dropped me

Me: I’ll just go and shower

Adrian smirked and gave me a weird look

Me: what’s that for?

He placed his hands on my shoulder

Adrian : why don’t I join you? You know, scrub your back

He rubbed his second hand on my back seductively

Me: hey get out

I moved away from him and he chuckled and sat on the bed

I opened the door and looked back

Me: how’s Gladys

Adrian : I heard she woke up, but with a mental issue. But I’m not sure how true it is

I sighed and felt sorry for her

Me: will I still be able to erase her memory?

He nodded

I sighed and closed the door.
Then I went to get ready



It was Monday when I came to see my mom with Clint.

But today it’s Wednesday
Blue and Adrian are going to Edinburgh today

Clint and I will meet with them tomorrow.

I went downstairs to watch TV

Mom: hey Audrey, where’s Clint?

My mom has become really addicted to Clint
And she’s as little bit nicer to me since he lied about us being together

I guess she thinks I’m not really a loser afterall

Me: I think he went into the city

Mom: I wanted him to help me change the light in my room

Me: let me do it

Mom: you’re sure?

Me: yep

I stood up and followed her upstairs

I got a stool and climbed on it.

My hands could reach the ceiling so I changed the light.

Just as I finished, a huge spider swung on it’s web across my face and It frightened the living daylights out of me

I screamed and lost my balance so I fell down

My mom screamed too and ran to me

Mom : oh no, Audrey. Are you okay?

Me: yes.. Yes.. I’m fine

I stood up but felt a sharp pain in my right wrist

Me: oh no! Mom I think I twisted my wrist. It hurts

Mom: let me see it

She tried to touch it but it was really painful for I took my hand away

Me: no mom, don’t touch it please

Mom: let’s go to the living room. There’s a first aid kit there

I followed her downstairs

The telephone rang

Mom: hello… Yes? Oh goodness! I’ll get it now

Then she hung up

Mom: I’m sorry dear but the security said my car is parked wrong. I have to correct it now. Sit here and wait for me

She grabbed her keys and hurried out.

I sat down on the couch and looked at my wrist that was already swollen.

The door opened and it was Clint with a bag

I quickly hid my wrist and looked up at him

Me: hey

He closed the door and stood there

He stared at me without a word

Then he moved to me and dropped the bag on the floor
Grabbed my right hand and held my palm

Me: ouch, it hurts. Ouch….

I said

Clint: sorry..
He said calmly

Me: let go of it already

Clint: mom told me you had a little accident upstairs

He looked at the wrist

I didn’t reply him

He stood up

Clint: follow me

Me : where

Clint: upstairs

He took his bag and led me upstairs to the room opposite mine, which was his.

He opened his door and we got in.

It was my first time entering there.

Clint: sit

He pointed to the bed and I obediently sat down.

He opened a drawer and brought out a jelly-like liquid in a transparent bottle.

Me: what’s that?

Clint: it’s gonna ease the pain

He squatted in front of me and took my hand

I was scared it was going to hurt but it didn’t.

The liquid was really cold and smooth.

He used his thumb to gently spread it around my wrist.

The liquid had menthol in it so it was stinging.

Me: thanks

He dropped the bottle on the table and squatted in front of me again.

He held the hand and gently moved it up and down

At first, it hurt a little but later it was okay.

I smiled

Me: thanks Clint

He smiled too and his eyes ran down to my bare thighs.

I was wearing a white short dress
An off shoulder and it was kinda exposing.

I thought he was going to stop looking but he didn’t.

His eyes ran down to my legs and up to my waist

I felt uneasy and stood up

Me: I have to go now. Thanks for helping

I tried to move but he pulled me back and hugged me from behind

I was surprisingly shocked

His arms encircled my waist and he rested his head behind my right ear.

I was still very shocked

Clint: don’t go….. Please

Me: what….

I mumbled

He massaged my tummy tenderly

Clint: stay with me

He turned me around and I faced him

He began to look deep into my eyes and I felt like I was melting down.

His hands were still on my waist

He gently lowered his face and In broad daylight, Clint began to kiss me

I blinked my eyes

Thinking it was not real

No it can’t be real


No way

But his hands moved to my hair and he combed it with his fingers.

My eyes closed slowly and my lips responded gently.

I felt my hands holding unto his shirt.

He unlocked and gazed into my eyes again

I became shy and looked down

This is the first time I’m seriously shy

He held my face up

Clint : Audrey.. I….

My mom’s voice was heard next
She was calling onto us

Me: I’m sorry but I have to go

I quickly left the room.

My mom was trying to open my door

Me: I’m here

Mom: ohh

Me: Clint helped me to treat my wrist

Mom: that’s so sweet. Come on, let’s eat lunch

She opened his door and called him.

I went downstairs and figured out that I couldn’t hold stuff properly.

My mom served the food and I tried to take my spoon but it fell off

Clint came to sit beside me

Mom : is there a problem Audrey? You can’t use the hand?

I didn’t reply, I just stared at the food

Clint chuckled

Clint : open up

Me: what….

Clint : open up

He took a spoon of the boiled rice and placed it in front of my mouth

I opened up and he fed me

Mom : awwn, you too remind me of when I was younger. Your father and I were so romantic together. Oh gosh

We chuckled at her expression

We finished lunch on time, with Clint and I sharing the same spoon.

I secretly, was really happy and glad.

I just hope it’s really true
Then Blue won’t be the only one with a love life

Then I can have fun talking about someone special with her.

I unknowingly smiled and Clint caught me

Clint : what are you thinking about?

Me : I’m thinking about myself

He chuckled and pinned me to the wall



I pushed her to the wall behind the stairs gently

My hand was on the wall, the other on her waist

She swallowed and I smiled and looked at her lips.

She looked away and tried to talk but I shocked her

Me: I love you

Her eyes widened

Me: do you mind if I kss you again?

She was still surprised and was just stagnant

I kssed her though she didn’t respond immediately.

When she responded, I caressed her face and then unlocked and kssed her cheek

Me: wanna be mine?

I asked looking sweetly at her

She was shy
The almighty Audrey was shy

She looked down but I held her face up

Me: Audrey, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have…..

I released her and moved away

Audrey : hey!

She pulled me back

Audrey : all right

Me: all right what?

Audrey: I’ll be yours only if you don’t kll me

I laughed and held her again

Me: I’m done with klling. I’m a good boy now

She smiled and I began to consume those lips again

The lips that just declared me taken

My days of being a player and a womaniser are over

I’m done being an a$sassin

Cause I’m taken
To be continued

Written by Hossy rich



My crush is taken


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