Chapter Thirty-one

Written by Hossana Isaac O.


I’m so nervous

I’m so so nervous

Or is it excitement

Then why is my heart beating


I really feel like screaming


Cindy: this is so cool. I just can’t wait

Audrey: come on, bring the shoes and get me that towel

Belinda: Rainbow stop eating and help me find my new hairclip before the designers and make up artists arrive

Everyone was just doing different things

I was the only one not doing anything
And it’s giving me room to feel really paranoid

My mother and ma’am Kyl walked in

Mother : Blue, would you like something to eat?

Rainbow : yes please

Audrey: we haven’t had breakfast

Belinda: it’s 7 am and she hasn’t even drank water

Cindy: I don’t want her to faint on her big day

Me: why are you all just too caring today? Can you imagine mother, they all slept here in my room after last night’s party and they didn’t want me to even arrange my pillow by myself.

And this morning, they don’t allow me to touch anything. Rainbow even open the door and ran the sink water so I could brush my teeth. And now they’re begging you to give me food

Everyone laughed except me that was frowning

Mother: they’re just showing their love for you

Cindy: after today, you’ll no longer be a sprinter like us. We might not even be able to see you everyday

Rainbow ran and hugged me tightly

Rainbow : Blue.. Blue…. Blue

Cindy ran and hugged me too

Audrey followed then Belinda

Ma’am Kyl : look at them, so cute

Me: I’ll miss you guys so much

Then Rainbow actually started crying

Even Cindy couldn’t stand it

I broke down too

Ma’am Kyl was quick to stop us, if she didn’t I’m sure everyone in the room would be crying

Ma’am Kyl : that’s enough girls. No more crying on a day like this. The designers would soon be here and I don’t want you to have eye bags

We laughed and disengaged

Mother: you all should shower before Blue. So you’ll all be dressed up and assist her

Cindy: great, I’ll shower first

Mother walked up to me

Mother: are you nervous again?

I sighed heavily

Mother : this time, I’m not gonna help you. You have to learn to stop being nervous

I nodded and smiled

Mother : we’ll meet with the Queen now

Me: okay

Then they left

I guess they met with the designers on the way because they walked right in seconds later

Lady: hi guys

My friends : hiiiii

Lady: let’s get this party started girls

Then my friends cheered and I laughed

I went to say hi to her and she responded happily

They began to arrange their things while we went to shower

I went with Audrey to her room together with Belinda to shower, while Cindy and Audrey showered in my room.

We all got back in blue bathrobes

The crew was made up with both men and ladies
But the leader was a lady

The girls got worked on by some of the designers and make up artists

While the lady and some other guys worked on me

They blow dried my hair which was already long as it used to be

Then began to design and style it

Some were working on my nails too

When they were done, they began to work on my face

The only noise heard was that of Cindy and Audrey and Rainbow
Belinda was just with her phone

My whole mind and heart was centered on one place and one person


I couldn’t take my mind off him

I kept imagining how he would look

I kept imagining my life with him

Finally he’s going to be mine and mine alone

I can’t wait

I closed my eyes as the lady was applying makeup

I saw Adrian’s face

I wanna kss you



Gabriel : your hairstyle is just the best of the best

Me: I can’t wait to see Blue

Derek: you can finally eat yourselves up. You know what I mean

We laughed

Jace: you’re really funny

Me: he’s just something else

Derek: no, I’m changed now. Lydia’s changed me

Gabriel: I’m still surprised how you could be with her. I mean, you don’t like such girls before

Derek: point of correction, I like all girls because they have one thing in common. So I just get it and go but she’s just different. And besides, I decided to settle down already

Me: and she’s the perfect girl ?

Derek: yeah, so perfect. In beauty, in character, in nature, in heart, and also in…. Hmm hmmm

He cleared his throat and we laughed

Even the guys who were dressing us up laughed

Gabriel: Derek can never change. Especially wine

We laughed again

Gabriel: I can’t believe I’m the only single and searching here

Me: I took Blue, Derek took Lydia, Jace took Rainbow, Clint took Audrey, and Cadio took Belinda

Derek: I’m unexpectedly okay with Cadio and Belinda. Well, she’s old enough

Me: now that’s a mature Derek

Gabriel: okay, you mean Blue’s friends are all taken. Come on, I wanted it to be Adrian’s guys and Blue’s girls

I laughed

Me: Cindy is there

Derek: yeah Cindy

Gabriel: is she pretty?

Derek: yeah, pretty, slim, caring, talkative, and cute in everything

Gabriel: seems I’ve found her

Me: you can have her already

Gabriel: thanks man

He punched me playfully

He’s like the cutest dude ever
So loving and kind

And he doesn’t talk too much

He’s the listening type
Definitely Cindy’s match

Plus, he’s blonde like Jace

They even look alike

The only difference is height

Jace is really taller than Gab

Derek: guys, it’s few more minutes to go to church

We stood together and took pictures with me in the middle

Our tuxedos were white with Blue ties

The inner jacket was blue and the long sleeve was white

In our pockets were touches of blue

We looked really great

But I couldn’t wait to see my bride



I was already in my ball gown wedding dress made of lace.

It was really big and the upper part was slim

A white silver crown was on my head already, as if I was already royalty

We were taken out into the garden to take pictures first

An Irish man helped me arranged my ball gown

Then my beautiful friends came with their flowers to take pictures with me

We were so happy

Their dresses were so beautiful

Blue mermaid dresses with gems that glittered

They stood beside me and we giggled and took different styles in the photographs

The church bells began to ring

My heart began to beat faster

I was walked to the white limo that the king bought because of the wedding

My bridesmaids were in the car with me

We soon got to the chapel because it was in the castle’s premises

You know a castle is really large that you might even need a taxi ride to go from one place to another

It’s like a fenced university with different segments

Audrey held my hand and helped me out of the limo

My veil was covered and since I had no father, a priest was to accompany me down the aisle

We got to the entrance of the chapel and the priest held my hand

My friends lined up behind me and we walked forward in very slow procession

Everyone had their eyes on us

Over a thousand guests

I felt really privileged

We kept walking while the
Orchestra was playing slowly

Through the veil, I saw my mother sitting together with the queen and ma’am Kyl on the left side of the chapel

She was sitting in front

I smiled

When we first came to the shore
Who would ever believe that we could ever dine and wine with royalty?

But now that rejected mermaid is getting married to a prince

My eyes welled up with tears but I quickly fought them back

We reached the alter and I stood in front of him

Everything the priest said, I didn’t listen

I just couldn’t listen

How would I listen when I’m dying to say I Do

Finally he removed my veil and I smiled brightly

He looked sternly into my eyes and all I saw was True Love.

The questions were asked

I answered, he answered

We exchanged rings happily

I’m now Princess Blue Claus

Soon to be Queen Blue of Edinburgh

I couldn’t hide my joy
Tears welled up and I couldn’t fight back

Finally, the moment I was waiting for came


He lowered his beautiful face and placed his lips on mine in a gentle and loving way

He nimbled on them and our tongues intertwined

We unlocked and everyone cheered

We faced the crowd

Priest: I Now present to you, MAN AND WIFE

Everyone in the church stood up with shouts and claps

Prince Adrian squeezed my hand sweetly

We were all smiles as we walked out of the church

He whispered something to me

Adrian: mine for life

I chuckled

Me: yours for life

He smiled and held my waist, pulling me really close to him.

We kissed in the car and almost ripped each other off with touches

The wedding party would be held in the ball room

We changed into a simpler wear

I wore my second wedding dress which was body fitted and perfect for dancing
Adrian removed his tuxedo and his men too

My girls were now dressed in short blue ball gowns, making them look like princesses.

The party was elaborate

So luxurious

I can’t even explain

But I know My wedding party is every girl’s dream


I can’t even say everything

But it was one in town
Photographers were everywhere

The wedding was going live on BBC

Even Queen Elizabeth’s son was present

President of Scotland didn’t sit back at home

Just imagine how a wedding that a president of a country attended, without sending a representative

So breathtaking

I can’t believe this is me



Now I’m suddenly feeling lonely in this exotic party

I don’t know anybody at all

Blue is dancing with her husband
Audrey and Clint are all over each other
Rainbow won’t leave Jace alone
Belinda is drinking and sitting with Cadio

What should I do?

Just then a hand brought a glass of champagne to my front

I looked up at the person and saw a cute guy with blonde hair

He was one of Adrian’s men

But I’ve seen this face in a magazine before

He’s a model
Gabriel Kit

Gabriel: hi

Me: hi

I smiled brightly and took the glass from him

Gabriel: you look amazing Cindy

Me: you know my name?

He chuckled

Gabriel: yes, you’re Cindy

Me: wow

He took a glass from a waitress that was passing

Gabriel: why don’t we just sit down and talk

He pointed to an empty table

Me: okay

He smiled and slipped his hand over my waist

I shuddered

I’m feeling really excited

We sat down and began to talk like friends
We laughed and admired the party

Gabriel: Cindy, you’re an amazing person. I’d really like us to, you know hang out some other time. I’d like you to go out with me


Gabriel is asking me out

This is so unexpected

Me: I… I… I really

He placed his hand on my hand

Gabriel: if you don’t say yes, I’m gonna be heart broken

Me: uhmm, okay let’s give it a try

He smiled brightly and I smiled too

Gabriel: thanks baby. But I have a question?

Me: ask me anything

Gabriel: can I kiss you now?

Me: what…. No…..

He laughed

Gabriel: we’ll see about that, come on let’s dance

He stood up and stretched forth his hand
I placed my hand in his and we walked to the dance floor



Today is the happiest day of my handsome life

I can’t explain how I feel

I’m not even tired at all

Well, I didn’t do anything stressful

Blue’s already in the bathroom

She went to take a shower

I simply took my shower in the second bathroom

I don’t want to be naughty yet

I came back and wore a white vest and white shorts

Then I went to the living room, to the French window and watched the view of Paris City

Everywhere was bright and clear

I could see cars and people still on the streets

We were in Paris for our honeymoon
Then we’ll go to Brazil

I took a drink and began to miss my wife

I went to the room and she was wearing a white singlet

I quietly and humbly went to the white bed

Blue: hey

I smiled

Me: hey

She arranged her hair and turned

Me: come to me baby

She smiled and walked over to me

I’m definitely gonna devour every single part of this body tonight

She climbed the bed and I took her hand and pulled her to myself

I kssed her and pushed her to lie down

She giggled as I kissed her ear

Me: I love you

Blue : I love you more

Me: prove it

She turned and kissed me lightly

I laughed

Me: baby, you’re ready for tonight?

I massaged her bare tummy

She nodded

Blue: yeah

I kssed her

Me: I have something I need to tell you ahead of time

Blue : sure, I’m listening

I sighed
Me: baby, you might not be able to walk well tomorrow morning

Before she could say anything I sat on her and began to touch any part that my hand could reach, kssing her roughly

This girl is in for a big night.


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