“Elias you too dey fe@r , yesterday we did it , the thing worked , you’ll just be preaching , and be drawing people’s attention , then I’ll be removing their things , see we need to survive oh ?” Tofe said , Elias’s conscience was still mürdering him , for using the name of God to do ev!l , but he had to contribute his quota , Tofe had been the one shouldering the weight of the house for eight months since they moved to Abuja .

They got on an BRT bus going to Mararaba. Elias stood for some time , his heart be@ting . “My brother and sisters I come to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ , I want to bring the word of the Lord to you this evening.” Elias said .

“No preaching in this vehicle!” a voice from the back yëlled . “Shut up allow him to preach!” the driver said , Elias began to preach , the whole vehicle went silent except for the conductor asking for his money , he squeezed himself from sit to sit


Tofe took the opportunity to be removing people’s money and phones , he removed a wallet from the pocket of an old man . When the conductor got to the old man and asked him for his money , he began to search himself , he checked the ground around him his wallet was gone . The old man laughed . “Somebody has taken my wallet oh! I am not an ordinary man, bring my wallet now or else I’ll take something from you , that you’ll regret all the days of your life !” He said , Tofe ignored the man .

The conductor and the old man exchanged h@rsh words , a passenger paid for the old man , when the vehicle got to Abacha road ,the man got up ready to leave the vehicle.


“Iwọ yoo sọkun nigbati Emi pẹlu gba lọwọ rẹ!” the man said I’m Yoruba language before he got down from the vehicle.

Elias was looking at Tofe , he showed no emotions , so he continued preaching , immediately the vehicle left the bus stop , Elias felt a f!re bürning in his body , around his genitals, he touched the area , the scrotum was gone , his manho0d had shrunk like a baby’s own .

“Jesus Christ!” he shouted . “Driver stop! please stop !” Elias cr!ed , the driver who was enjoying the preaching was confused . “Pastor waiting happen Na ?” He asked .

“Please I need to drop here !” Elias said and jumped out of the vehicle, Tofe got down with him .”Elias waiting happen ?” Tofe asked .

“Aaah that man done remove my prick, Tofe the old man you carry him wallet!” Elias said cry!ng . “My own done finish, I told you it’s not a good idea , ehn Tofe see one pr0blem to another !” Elias said running down the road that led to Abacha road , asking people if they had seen the old man .


An Okada man told them he saw the old man wearing Ankara native just passed , so Elias and Tofe climbed his motorcycle, he rode off after the old man , soon they met the man moving towards a street that led to a lonely bush path .

“Baba please wait !” Tofe scre@med , jumping off the Okada . “Baba we’re sorry we took your wallet , please we are here to return it !” Elias cr!ed .

“I don’t know what you’re talking about !” the old man said with a grimace on his face , he made his way towards his home , Tofe ran and knelt before him . “Baba am sorry , am the one who removed your wallet , it’s not him . Please return his manh0od sir !” The old man made to sl@p Tofe.

“Baba I beg you sir !” Elias said with a teary eyes . “So you can carry the name of God to public to th!ef ? it’s People like you , who have been bringing sh@me to the name of God !” The old man said .

“Sir I’m sorry , am sorry it’s the dev!l that caused it , I’ll never do this job again!” Elias cr!ed . “You are going to pay me hundred thousand naira , to travel to Ogbomosho to bring the p*n!s! it has been deposited before my god!” the old man said .


“We’ll pay , we’ll pay !” Tofe brought out the money they had made for two days and counted a hundred thousand naira and handed the money to the man , he spoke inc@ntations , not minding the people staring at him and the two boys , he placed his hand on Elias’s gr0in , immediately he felt ice water on his body , he touched his manh0od , it had returned to the normal size .

“You’re so lucky you met me! that’s how you would have remained until you d!e on the seventh day, it’s not everyone you can steal from , you’re shouting Jesus , Jesus and you are ste@ling from the people you’re preaching to ! ! hypocrite! you better stop following him! he will lead you to your de@th id!0t!” The man !nsulted Elias , he grabbed his wallet and continued on his way .

Tofe and Elias climbed the motorcycle back to the express way , Elias was too shaken to speak .”Tofe I’ll never do this business with you again ! imagine my life ! since I got associated with you, it has turned to rubb!sh , chai! I wish I had listened to Ezekiel , see his life is so much better ! see my life is rubb!sh all because of you!” Elias mumbled , they returned to the house for days they didn’t talk to each other .


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