“Hello Ezekiel can you please come to the house ?” Tosan said when Ezekiel picked the call . “What ?? can you not see the time ?” Ezekiel asked .

“Please there’s an emergency in the house .” She said . “What emergency?” He asked grumbling. “Beatrice has been s!ck , I think she has a fëver , can you come let’s take her to the hospital?” She asked .

“What ? For the love of God Tosan you’re a doctor why not take her to the clinic not far from the house .” Ezekiel asked . “She refused to go with me , Helen is even in her room with me , we’ve been begging her she refused to go with us .” Ezekiel grunted , he got out of bed , and changed his Pajamas , he put on a blue jeans and a grey turtle neck sweatshirt .


The drive from Katampe to Maitama was fifteen minutes, the gateman let him into the house . “Where’s Beatrice ?” He asked . “Sir she’s in her room .” The Gateman said , Ezekiel thanked him and climbed upstairs , Helen was heading out of Beatrice’s room when she came face to face with Ezekiel .

“Wow Ezekiel,what are you doing here ?” Helen asked . “I was told Beatrice is down , and needs to be taken to the hospital,that she refused to follow you guys to the hospital?” Ezekiel said , Helen looked at him quizzically.


“I don’t know what Tosan said to you , but we didn’t talk about going to the hospital , some years Beatrice has very p@inful cramps , and today makes it two years since we l0st Tiffany , I think it’s all the emotions…” Helen said . “Oh…Oh my b@d I almost forgot , please let me go in and see her ?” , Ezekiel mumbled .

“Okay I want to get her hot water from the kitchen . she needs to massage her stomach .” Ezekiel nodded , the door creaked opened , Beatrice was bewildered by the face she saw . “Ezekiel it’s so late why did you come here at this hour ?” Beatrice said , trying to sound strength, but her weak voice betr@yed her , her eyes were so red like Cameroon pepper.

“Tosan said you were s!ck , I came to take you to the hospital .” Ezekiel said sitting on her bed . “Do they treat p@inful menstrual cramps in the hospital ?” She asked relaxing her back against the headboard of the bed .

“Are you okay ?” Ezekiel asked her , she hurriedly cleaned the te@rs drop falling from her eyes . “I am fine , it’s just that I miss her…” She broke into te@rs , Ezekiel edged closer towards her and put his arms around her shoulders .

I miss her too , when I think of how she tried to match make us , it feels like yesterday, de@th is so mean , where is Tosan she said you were terr!ble s!ck .” Ezekiel asked .


“Don’t mind her , has she stepped her feet into this room, she’s just a hypocrite.” Beatrice said , they was an uncomfortable pause ,she looked at Ezekiel’s face . “I get dëpressed this days , I am also on the edge , I feel empty , she was the only one who understood me , my parents are parents of the church , I yearn for my mum , but she is always not there .” Beatrice said , Helen came in with a jug of hot water , condensed milk and coffee .

“I hope you’ll be able to sleep after drinking this ?” She asked Beatrice , she smiled , Helen climbed on the bed and sat with her . “I know none of us was as close to Tiffany as you are , but the truth we don’t have to d!e to show the de@d how much we love them .

” She said ,Beatrice nodded. “It’s been two years now , let Tiffany go , you didn’t cause her de@th , Tosan is responsible ,but she doesn’t feel sorry , why would you end your life cause of Tosan’s mistakes?” Helen asked .

“Please talk to her , I’ve been here for hours talking she doesn’t listen to me .” Helen said . “I know she likes you and listens to you .” Helen said .

“I’ll talk to her Helen thank you .” Ezekiel said , Helen excused herself from the room . “Ezekiel can I ask you a question?” Beatrice asked , Ezekiel’s mind began to beat .


“Yes you can ?” He said waiting anxiously for her question. “Do you like me ?” She asked staring at his dark black iris to see the truth in them , the eyes darted here and there . “Of course you know I do ,why would I come here at this late hour , this is a few minutes to twelve.” Ezekiel said .

“Well it’s not that kind of like I mean , do you love me …” She asked Ezekiel smiled . “Yeah I do love you Beatrice you cannot say you don’t know .” He added .

“Well I don’t know , because you’d never told me. Am done with Law school, in a few months I will be done with NYSC service , but you have not said your intentions , you’re just using backward means .” She said Ezekiel laughed .

“I love you Beatrice you’re the only woman I’ve ever thought as a woman that would be my life partner.” Ezekiel said , Beatrice’s eyes began to twinkle like stars . “You know you’re a pastor you cannot l!e !” she asked in doubt , Ezekiel laughed .

“why would I l!e to you ? I love you with all of my heart Beatrice .” She held his hands .

“Then make love to me , it might take away the p@ins in me !” Ezekiel immediately tuned white , his heart beat seized for a minute. He stared at Beatrice in confusion.


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