“Tofe forget whatever you say to me ! I can never believe what you’re saying to me , how can you say the whole pastor Emaka , my spiritual father and mentor is using f@ke miracles , and 0ccult powers to do his miracles. I can’t join any secret pastors cült .

I don’t know what extent you won’t go to make money!” Elias yëlled at his friend . “I am thinking it’s time that we both go our separate ways , I’ve been think that you’ve changed , f0olish me, can a leopard change it spot?” Elias h!ssed , he and Tofe had gotten a new place at Abacha road Maraba .

“I am just talking for your own good , you’ve gone to pastoral school , what are you doing with your certificate?” Tofe asked Elias . “See your mate , he’s so rich and wealthy, how do you think he’s doing all those miracles ? see before you joined Christ Ascension Church, I was one of pastor Emaka’s cun artist , let me show you on YouTube how he raised me from the de@d before he called me to come and be his full time worker .


” Tofe said , he scroll through his phone and showed Elias the video , it sent a cold down his spin .”No Nigerian pastor is sincere they’re all for the money , you see that Pastor Tony who was speaking in tongues and doing miracles at Eagle square six months ago ? that man sm0ke m@rijuana for my front! if you want to remain p0or Na your business , pastor Tony saw you at the program he said you have anointing on your head , that you just need small push to become a mega pastor , even bigger than Ezekiel.” Tofe said .

“No Na , how can pastor Emaka be into this kind of thing ? God is this how life is ? see my friend Ezekiel , Ezekiel we used to play football together, see him ,having big crusades , just one year after he opened his church ?” These thoughts ran through Elias head .


“But could it be true that Ezekiel too is using ? No Ezekiel is not , that guy has had a very close relationship with God from small , I knew he would be big .” Elias mumbled under his breath. “What are you saying ? ” Tofe asked , he couldn’t hear Elias’s grumbling words .

“Nothing , I need to go and visit Ezekiel, give me the car keys.” Elias said . “But why now ?” Tofe asked .

“Man I don’t owe you an explanation, Ezekiel is my best friend, just let me be !” Tofe threw the keys at Elias ” do whatever you want .” Tofe h!ssed .

“I should tell you this secret , pastor Emaka is thinking about dropping you as a the lead singer , because you’re too stùbborn , you just have a few weeks to decide .” Tofe said before walking into the bedroom .

“God what am I to do now ? with this salary I’ve been sending money to my mother at home and my siblings, even my children , how am I going to do if I get s@cked from this place ?” Elias worried , he drove quietly to Ezekiel’s house , a detached duplex ,with Gateman and domestic workers , he couldn’t understand the grace upon his friend’s head , he was gifted a house and a car .


“Elias my brother how are you doing?” Ezekiel said when he came down to receive his best friend he hugged him . “I am good my brother . ” Elias said . “Since you’ve chosen to abandon me Na, what can I do ?” Elias said jokingly, though Ezekiel knew he meant his words .

“Haaa Elias the Bible says light and darkness have no part together, so I don’t associate with you because of the company you keep .” Ezekiel said to his friends face as they climbed up , to the parlour on the first floor . “Really ? So I am darkness ?” Elias asked .

“No don’t get it twisted Elias , it’s not about you, Tofe your friend, if you don’t cut the bond of friendship with him ,I cannot come near you , ev!l communication c0rrupts good manners ,Tofe is a b@d news .” Ezekiel said .”Your friendship with him has not brought you anything good except tr0uble .” Ezekiel said .

They sat for a local meal of Banga soup and starch , with a lot of fresh fish , The meal brought Elias memories of his home town , he missed Warri and wish he could get back there to see his mother and siblings , his father he knew the relationship could never be cordial , he had br0ken the bond .

Ezekiel and Elias discussed a whole lot of things . “Elias I can see worry in your eyes , is there anything wrong ?” Ezekiel asked his friend , though they had been apart for over six years , he could still understand Elias , he was sitting too quiet ,and getting l0st in their conversation.


“I am fine Elias , I just miss home , I want to go and see my mother , I don’t know if my dad will welcome me home .” Elias l!ed , to shift the discussion. “Well your dad must have forgiven you , what happened in Lagos was not entirely your f@ult , but I bl@me you for still being friends with Tofe , do you want him to drag you to hëll before your eyes will be open ?” Ezekiel asked .

“Tofe lives his life , I live mine ,for six years I’ve not met a woman or sm0ke , I just bl@me myself for letting him influence me earlier on . But from now onward it will never happen again .” Elias said .”Ezekiel I want to ask you a question .” Elias said timidly .

“Go ahead bro , I’ve got you ?” Ezekiel said ,Tofe hesitated. “Elias do you use anything to support your ministry?” Elias asked, Ezekiel was confused he looked on quizzically.

“Something to support my ministry how bro ?” Ezekiel asked .”Stop pretending bro you know exactly what I mean , you cannot tell me you don’t know most pastors this days find alternative sources of powers to support their Ministries, to manifest the power of God , show me the road please Ezekiel. I want to be like you , to have a great life like this look at your house ?” Elias said looking around the duplex.

“My friend whatever you see in me , it’s the glory of God shining in me , remember when you picked the form for pastoral seminary, I told you , you shouldn’t do it because I did it , that you should only do it , if God was calling you to become a minister . I was led to Abuja , may the Lord take my life this moment, if I’ve ever bowed before another God . whatever the Lord gives me ,it’s for his glory . ” Ezekiel said .


“The Bible says seek first the kingdom of God and it’s righteousness, and all other things shall be added into you. My brother and best friend , don’t let what people are saying out there make you join them , I’ll invite you to come and minister in one of our Conferences this month .” Ezekiel said ,he went upstairs and returned with a heavy envelope , in it was one million naira .

“Elias God will shine his light upon you , and protect you from all ev!l that seek to destr0y your soul , you don’t want to tell me what is tr0ubling you , but then I’ll keep on praying for you that God will guide you right .” Elias collected the money and thanked his friend , he embraced him for a long while .

“Please don’t forget God in the days of your youth !” Ezekiel said when he saw him off to the car port . He waved at him till he disappeared into the horizon.


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