“You know what, I’m tired!

Like what is the point of all these pain, suffering, poverty and all those things that people go through?


Why would God send me to this world just to suffer? ” Angela lamented bitterly to her friend Benita one Saturday afternoon.

They were both sitting down on their individual beds in their hostel room preparing for their upcoming exams when Angela suddenly blurted out her feelings.

She had been bottling them up for a while now and she felt like she would explode at any moment if she didn’t get them off her chest.

“And who told you that God is the reason behind your suffering? Who told you that ehn?” Benita asked her amused.

“ Seriously it’s not funny so I don’t get why you’re laughing. In fact I don’t care if it’s God or the devil or any other thing that is behind my situation.

The point is I’m just tired, the suffering I’m going through is just too much! ” She said moodily.

“Is that why you are lamenting and acting as if it’s the end of the world? You need to cheer up and stop being moody”

Benita encouraged her friend but she kept frowning her face.

“It feels like the end of the world to me. I need to pay my school fees before next week if not I won’t be allowed to write our third semester exams.

My parents have tried their best but they can’t raise that amount of money. I can’t blame them as things are really hard for them.

I’m desperately in need of money. I just don’t know what to do” Angela sobbed and Benita moved closer to comfort her.

“Let us put it to God in prayers. You don’t need to feel discouraged because I strongly believe that God will make a way for you.

He said that he would not leave us or forsake us. His plans for us are that of peace and not…..” Benita tried to encourage her friend with Bible scriptures but she angrily interrupted her.

Seriously I’m tired of praying! All the prayers that I’ve been praying to God no result has come out from it.

Honestly I think I’ll have to look for a solution myself because it seems that God has already forgotten about me.

I don’t think he cares about me anymore but it will be alright. You don’t have to worry about me. I know what to do”

Angela stood up and walked to the wardrobe to dress up in one of her outing gowns.

“Angela what do you plan on doing?” Benita asked but Angela refused to say much, all she said was “don’t worry I’ll be back soon,” and she left.

Benita was worried about her friend and she just prayed in her heart that she won’t do anything stupid.



Angela went to a popular eatery to meet a coursemate Dennis that had been pestering her to be his girlfriend.

Dennis was not the type of person she would have wanted to be in a relationship with if she had a choice.

He was an unbeliever, he lived a wasteful lifestyle, he loved smoking and clubbing and there were rumours that he was a cultist

In normal situations she won’t have accepted his offer but desperate times needed desperate measures she told herself.

Dennis was from a wealthy home and Angela decided to date him so that as his girlfriend he would be able to help her with the money for her school fees and fulfil her other needs.

She convinced herself that it was the best thing to do even though an inner voice kept telling her not to go through with it and she paid no heed to it.

It was safe to say that she was in the relationship for his money and not because she truly loved him.

When they began dating Dennis spent extravagantly on her and spoilt her with his money and she felt like a princess.

He supplied all her needs to make her comfortable all through her stay in the university.

Benita on the other hand was not happy with Angela’s relationship with Dennis. She had tried to advise her on several occasions but nothing good ever came out of it.

It only made Angela become angrier at her and she didn’t want anything that would ruin their friendship so she could only pray for God to change her friends mind since she had refused to listen to her.



As Angela got deeper in her relationship with Dennis gradually her relationship with God started to die as she stopped praying or reading her Bible like she did before.

Her academic life also suffered because she stopped attending classes, reading her books and textbooks.

She started clubbing, fornicating, cheating in exams and doing all sorts of immoral acts that normally she won’t have dreamt of doing them.

Benita could no longer advice on the right way to go her since she stopped associating with her and her other Christain friends when she had moved in with Dennis and they began cohabiting.

“How could Angela backslide so easily?” Benita asked herself but she got no answer to the questions bothering her.


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