FLAWLESS (the cold CEO)

Theme: LOVE

By Sunshine R.


Meet Nicholas Brooks the owner of SAVAGE CLOTHING popularly known as SC. A cold and responsible father to Noah Brooks.
He is the richest man in America and also a top model, every girl’s dream man.

Flowerina Andrew a top socialite and also a model.One of the most richest model in the country,she is beautiful calm,nice and gentle but do not overstep her boundaries.


Fernando Vincent Nicholas’s friend who turned his en*my overnight.

What happened when Nicholas got married to Flowerina?

Why did they get married?

Grab your popcorn,the drama is about to start.

Chapter 1
by Sunshine R.


Nicholas opened his eyes when he felt someone pvnching his arm.

” Good morning Daddy” Noah greets him with a cute smile on his face.

” Good morning son” Nicholas replied in a cold tone.

The seven years old Noah rolled his eyes and got up.

” Always cold” little Noah muttered under his breath but Nicholas heard him.

” Go and get ready I will be the one to take you to school” Nicholas said.

” No need Grandpa Kelvin will do that” Noah pocketed his hands and walked out of the room.

Nicholas sat up and stretched a little bit exposing his manly hot chest and biceps,he sighted a frame of Diana his ex wife,he smiled slightly and went into the bathroom.



Flowerina walked out of her room looking so dashing and elegant in a maroon gown with black heels and a black purse to match.

” Wow I have the most beautiful sister ever” Carina (her younger sister) praised her.

” Thanks cutie” Flowerina gave her a charming smile.

” Leaving already?” Mr Andrew walked into the house.

” Yes dad bye” Flowerina blew him a k!ss and matched out of the house where she met her driver.

” Let’s go Diego” She said and got into the car.


” Is Flowerina not coming?” Gina asked Angela who is the host of the event.

“She will definitely come I invited her personally” Angela replied.

Suddenly Flowerina walked in and the people around began snapping pictures of her.

“Our top socialite is beautiful”

” I want to be like you Rina”

” We love you Flowerina”

Fans kept commenting as she walked in.

” I h@te her guts” Gina rolled her eyes jeal0usly.

” Same here” Angela gritted her teeth.

Flowerina gave out a beautiful smile to her fans and walked towards Angela.

” Hi Flowerina it’s so good to see you” Gina spoke first with a f@ke smiled plastered on her lips.

” Hey you made it” Angela hugged her and she at them before exchanging pleasantries.

” Let’s make a video” Gina brought out her phone and recording a video of the three of them.

After some time the event was over and everyone began leaving.

” Thanks for coming everyone” Angela waved with a big smile on her face.

” I’ll get going girls see you some other time” Flowerina said politely and walked away.

” I h@te her with every fiber in me” Gina l@zily threw herself on the couch.

” OMG I just 45M followers” Angela jumped happily.

” Yeah it’s all because of Rina,just a single video with her you will get millions of followers” Gina scoffed.

” Yeah I know right,what do people see in her?” Angela frowned her face and sat down.

Gina shrugged in reply and sighed softly.

Flowerina went straight to her fiance’s office where she met him dealing with some paperwork.

” Hi babe” She smiled, making her way towards him.

” Wassup Rina” Fernando stood up and kssed her lips.

” Seems like you are a little bit busy,are you in for dinner at my place today?” Flowerina said cutely making him to peck her lips.

” Of course Rina I’m in” Flowerina smiled and hugged him to herself.

Fernando smiled widely and hugged her back,it feels good to have a beautiful woman in your arms.


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