FLAWLES (the cold CEO)

Theme: LOVE

by Sunshine R.

Chapter 11



Nicholas k!ssed her back and what followed next was Athena’s mo@n as they bodies got entangled in a steamy exercise.

The next morning

Athena woke up first and began staring at Nicholas’s handsome features.


She smiled widely when she remembered last night, her hand crept up on his face before kssing his lips and that woke him up.

” Good morning Niko” She said and sh@melessly straddles him.

“Get off me Athena” Came Nicholas cold and @rrogant voice startling her.

” But why….” Nicholas pushed her to the floor and stood up, he wore his clothes back and turned to Athena who’s still on the floor with te@rs streaming down her face.

“Athena was happened yesterday was a mistake and…… ”

” Is that how much you h@te me?” Athena s0bbed.

” Get dressed and leave” Nicholas ignored her and walked out of the study.

“Good morning master” he met a maid standing in front of his bedroom.

“Where is Noah?” He asked.

” He left for school already” The maid replied and he nodded before going into his room.

Athena came out of the study and ran to her room cry!ng loudly.

Nicholas left the house immediately after breakfast heading to Noah’s school.



“Why are you in school Noah?” A chubby boy stood in front of Noah with a frown on his face.

” Charlie please just leave me alone”

“No I won’t you were suspended for three days and now you’re here”Charlie stubb0rnly stood his ground.

One of the teachers saw this and went to a corner to call Charlie’s mother.

“I’m talking to you motherless kid” Charlie @ngrily banged his fist on the desk, Noah stood up and k!cked his big belly sending him to the floor.

Noah has always kept a low profile, he doesn’t behave like a spo!l br@t, and doesn’t brag about who his father is, making him different front the others.

” Don’t you ever talk about my mother again” Noah warning Charlie who was already cry!ng on the floor.

“Noah to the principal’s office now” Their teacher said and he obediently walked out of the class.

Charlie’s mother suddenly st0rmed into the school where she met Noah heading to the principal’s office.

” Mummy” Charlie ran to her while cry!ng.

” It’s him” he pointed at Noah and his mother immediately matched towards Noah r@ging like a bull.

” How dare you be@t my son?” She raised her hand to h!t Noah but a strong hand held her hand mid air.

” Who the…..” She gasped when she saw Nicholas staring at her with his blank and cold eyes.

” Good day Mr Brooks” she switched to being nice.

” Were you just about to sl@p my son?” Asked Nicholas with a calm expression.

When she heard what he said she br0ke into cold sweat.

“Let’s meet in the principal’s office” Nicholas held Noah’s hand and they left standing dumbly till Charlie tapped her.

” Mum let’s go” Hilda slowly held Charlie’s hand and they went into the principal’s office.

“Start talking my time is precious” Nicholas said while staring into space.

“Sir…..we are……. sorry we didn’t know Noah is son” The principal wiped the sweat on his forehead and glared at Hilda.

Hilda bit her lips and stared at the floor.

” Is this how you go around taking advantage of the less privilege because their parents aren’t rich” Nicholas spoke calmly.

” No…..no it was a misunderstanding…… I’m sorry Mr Brooks” Hilda immediately spoke up.

” Mr principal get ready for your pun!shment,and for you and your son just wait for him to be exp*lled” Nicholas stood up high and mighty like the boss he is and walked out of the office with Noah behind him.

” See what you’ve caused” The principal shouted at Hilda.

” Shut it Mr Turner, my friends will laugh at me when they get to know that my son has been exp*lled” Hilda y*lled back at him.

” Mummy I shouldn’t have mess with Noah” Charlie cr!ed while hugging her.

” Get off me, useless br@t, my friends will definitely m0ck me for not training you well” She pushed Charlie and he landed on the floor bru!sing his elbow In the process.

” Woo…..wooo… mummy I’m sorry” Charlie cr!ed.

” Thanks Dad you’re the best” Noah smiled at Nicholas who only nodded.

” I will get going, take care of yourself” Nicholas touched his hair and entered the car.

Noah smiled after watching the car dis@ppear.

” Noah I was worried I thought something happened to you” Lisa a cute girl in his class ran to him and pecked his cheek.

” Nothing happened let’s go back to class”he replied coldly walking ahead of her.

Lisa smiled and followed him.


“Babe I’m sorry I have to travel to Alaska right now and I don’t know when I’m coming back, I’m sorry it’s urgent” Fernando came into the kitchen and hugged Flowerina.

” I’m coming with you” Flowerina replied.

” No just stay here and take care of yourself okay, I will be back before you know it” He k!ssed her lips.

” Be safe I love you” Flowerina smiled s@dly.

” I love you too”Fernando k!ssed her one last time before leaving the mansion.

Flowerina sighed and watched as his car drove out of the mansion.


” Ma’am he is heading to the airport, he got a business to settle in Alaska” a manly voice was heard through the phone.

” I will be on my way” Gina replied.

” But he is going to use a private jet” the man said and she hung up.

She speeds up and got to the airport almost the same time with Fernando.

” Hi Fernando” She waved at him dragging her luggage with her.

” Gina what are you doing here?” Fernando asked with a smirk on his face.

” I booked a flight to Alaska but I realised that it was cancelled” She pouted her lips s@dly.

” Do you mind coming with me, I’m using a private jet” Fernando asked and she immediately followed him.


Flowerina, Carina and Amara were shopping for clothes in Dior boutique and having fun at the same time.

” How do I look?” Amara stepped out of the changing room looking so hot.

” Hot and s*xy” Carina winked at her and she giggled.

” You’ve got the hottest body ever” Flowerina also complimented her and she blushed.

“Thanks” she went back into the room to change.

” Flower” Flowerina heard someone calling her from behind.
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She turned and smiled politely when she saw Harold the guys she meet at the welcoming party.

” Hello Harold”

” Wow the beauty remembered my name” Harold chuckled.

” How have you being?”Harold asked.

” I’m fine, WBU?” She asked as they exchange pleasantries.

” Flower how do I look in this?” Amara appeared looking so hot and gorgeous at the same time.

She’s wearing a white crop top with a red jacket over it and a red mini skirt with long black boots, giving her the b@d girl look.

“Hotter than h€ll” Carina began snapping pictures of her.

Amara smiled beautiful and turned to Flowerina only to be greeted by a handsome creature.

” Wassup hottie?” Harold winked at her and she almost staggered.

” I’m Amara and you’re so handsome” Amara shook hands with him.

Flowerina chuckled at Amara’s straightforwardness and shook her head.

” You’re the most beautiful creature I’ve ever seen, give me your address and I’ll pick you up by seven”Harold fl!rted with her.

” Here” she stuffed Flowerina’s card to his chest and winked at him before walking away with her big booty shaking d@ngerously behind her.

” Damn” Harold smirked and left the boutique.

” Seriously Amara” Flowerina glared at her.

” What it’s love at first sight so it’s normal” Amara shrugged.

They paid for their clothes and left.


The whole family were gathered on the dinning waiting for Nicholas arrival, among them sat the Diego’s family together with their daughter Hilda and her son Charlie.

Hilda took a deep breath and bit her lip feeling nervous about meeting Nicholas again.

Suddenly footsteps were heard walking into the house, the family looked at the door and the servants opened it revealing Nicholas, Noah and Athena.

Nicholas walked in and sat on an empty seat while Athena sat beside him and Noah opposite him.

” It’s a good thing that you are here son let’s eat” Mr Brooks said and they began eating.

Nicholas’s elder sister smiled lightly at him and he nodded.

His step mother also gave him a smile which he slightly returned.

After they were done eating Mr Brooks decided to talk.

” Nicholas this are the Diego’s” Mr Brooks said and Nicholas greeted them.

” We are here to talk about the marriage arrangement between you and Hilda” Mr Brooks said and Nicholas shook his head.

” It’s not happening” Nicholas voiced out immediately

” Nicholas if it’s about what transpired between us in school this morning then I’m really sorry” Hilda said.

” How dare you talk back at me? ” Mr Brooks banged his hand on the table.

” Sweetheart calm down” Mrs Brooks tried touching him but he glared at her.

” You can’t force me to get married the way you did to Blair”Nicholas said and gestures towards his sister.

Blair looked down immediately with te@ry eyes.

” I know mum is also being patient with you, am I right?” Nicholas asked his step mother but she kept quiet.

” And for your information I have a girlfriend already” he held Athena’s hand sh0cking all of them including Athena herself.

” Her name is Athena my late wife’s sister” Nicholas stood up still holding her hand.

” Noah let’s go” the trio left the with Mr Brooks scre@ming Nicholas’s name.

” I’m done for” Hilda threw herself on the floor.


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