(the cold CEO)

Theme: LOVE

Written by Sunshine R.

Chapter 21 & 22



Gina woke up in Fernando’s arms and felt satisfied, she has him wrapped around her fingers.

” Good morning Nando” she woke him up with a kss.

” Morning babe” Fernando pecked her lips and she blushed.


” I need to get going” Fernando stood up and began wearing his clothes.

” Now?” She sat up on the bed.

” Yes take care of yourself” he kssed her lips and went downstairs where he saw Angela sitting on the couch, he ignored her and drove out of the house.

Minutes later Gina came downstairs and was surprised to see Angela.

” Angela what are you doing here?” she asked and Angela rolled her eyes.

” You came back without telling me and now you’re asking me that, seriously Gina” Angela glared at her.

” Fine I’m sorry”Gina l@zily sat beside her.

” Tell me everything that over there,I saw Fernando leaving just now” Angela faced her with a m!schievous smile on her face.

” They’re about to break up baby,trust me” Gina narrated everything to her and they stvck hands.

” This calls for celebration” they began dancing around the room.


Flowerina kept playing with her food without eating a single spoon.

” Are you going to keep playing with the food?” Amara asked in an @nnoyed tone.

” Mara you wouldn’t understand”

” Make me understand then” Amara dropped her spoon and focused on Flowerina.

” It’s just that……forget about it” Flowerina sighed.

“My Rina”Fernando walked in dressed so hotly while holding flowers and chocolate.

” Hey” Flowerina stood up while Amara rolled her eyes.

” I’m sorry for behaving that way yesterday, I was just je@lous” He said softly.

” Je@lous? ” Amara scoffed and Flowerina turned to her.

” Amara please give us some privacy” Flowerina said and she took her phone before leaving the house completely.

” My Rina I promise not to do that again” Fernando said almost going on his knees but Flowerina cared less.

She ignored him and sat down on one of the seats surrounding the dinning table, Fernando dropped the flowers and chocolate before sitting in front of her.

“You’ve changed Fernando, I don’t you who you are anymore, I……”

” I’m sorry babe I promise to change”Fernando cut her off and held her hand.

Flowerina kept quiet and continue to stare at him.

“Babe say something” he urged.

” It’s ok” Flowerina replied but deep down she was trying to figure out whether to continue with the relationship or not.

“Come here, I missed you babe” he k!ssed her lips softly.

” Me too”Flowerina k!ssed him back.

Fernando felt happy that she’s responding to him.

“Nicholas can’t take you away from me Rina” he thought in his head.


Nicholas was sitting on the couch while working on his laptop when Noah came downstairs fully dressed for school.

” Bye Dad” he waved at him and went out.

Harold walked in immediately and grinned before settling beside Nicholas.

” So the almighty billionaire’s in love, tell me how it happened” Nicholas glared at him and ignored him.

” C’mon I’m listening” Harold giggled enjoying the @nnoyed expression on Nicholas’s face.

” Boss Miss Athena is outside” a guard suddenly walked in.

” Not again” Nicholas muttered.

” Let her in” The guard went out and in the next second Athena rushed in, in te@rs.

” Why the te@rs” Nicholas asked in his usual cold tone.

” Typically Nicholas” Harold giggled.

” Niko I’m s!ck, I’m having a strong headache” she complained and kept s0bbing.

” Harold take her to the hospital” Nicholas said without looking at her.

” What? Why me?” Harold frowned.

” Coz you seem less busy”

” But the guards are here” Harold protests but Nicholas silenced him by glaring at him.

Athena wanted Nicholas to take her to the hospital personally or call the family doctor to treat her in his house but she was dis@ppointed as usual.

” Let’s go” Harold walked out and she slvggishly followed him.

Nicholas began browsing for Flowerina’s pictures again, he stared at her and even made her picture his wallpaper.

His phone began ringing, displaying a new number.

” Nicholas Brooks speaking”

” Hi Mr Brooks it’s Amara, Flowerina’s cousin” Amra said from the other end.

” Oh how is she?” Nicholas sat up properly and asked.

” She’s fine but that dev!l Fernando is trying to man!pulate her again, and guess what I found out he’s che@ting on her” Amara explained.

” I know you like my sister, I can help you in getting her, and oh tommorow is her sister’s birthday, please do well to come” Nicholas nodded before replying.

” I will be there, take care of her for me please” he hung up and threw the phone away.

” What are you planning on doing Fernando” he squeezed his face.

Amara took a taxi to the hospital because she suddenly feels like she should go for a general check up.

She happily registered her name and sat on a bench waiting for her own turn to see the doctor, but her eyes caught Harold leaning on the wall with a frown on his face.

Minutes later a woman came out and walked towards him.

“Probably one of his b!tches” Amara rolled her eyes.

” Let’s go” he took the lead while Athena followed him behind, his eyes landed on Amara.

” Mara what are you doing here?” He walked to her with a charming smile on his face.

” I came for a check up” Amra replied while glancing at Athena who looked hopeless.

“Then I’ll wait for you to finish” Harold said but she shook her head.

” You can’t keep her waiting” she gestures towards Amara.

” Nah she’s just Nicholas’s sister in law” Harold immediately explained and walked back to Athena.

” Just take a cab Athena, I will stay here with Amara” he gave her some money and went back to meet Amara.

Athena clenched her fist and stormed out of the hospital.

” Just wait till I get married to Nicholas” she gritted her teeth and took a cab home.



The mansion was already filled up with people who came to celebrate Carina’s birthday.

” Wow you look beautiful sisi” Flowerina hugged her.

” Thanks I’m sure George wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off me” Carina giggled.

” Of course baby girl go forth and confuse your crush” Amara winked at her before they stepped out of the room.

“I present to you the celebrant of this occasion” the MC said as Carina majestically walked down the stairs, her lips held a beautiful smile making the guest to smile along.

” Happy birthday baby” Mrs Andrew hugs her tightly.

” Thanks mum” she turned to her dad and hugged him also before her sisters.

” Thanks for coming everyone please enjoy yourselves” Carina said loudly when her eyes landed on George who wouldn’t stop staring at her.

” Hi George” She waved at him.

” Happy birthday Carina, you look beautiful” Carina blushed hard and turned her face away.

” Thanks” she replied shyly.

” May I?” He stretched forth his hand which she took immediately before going to the dance floor.

Amara brought out her phone and began recording a video of them.

” Awwwwww they’re so cute” She smiled and Flowerina rolled her eyes.

” Stop supporting her Mara”

” I can’t” Amara replied.

” Flowerina” Nicholas walked into the mansion capturing everyone’s attention.

“Hi Nicholas you made it” she smiled beautiful but he surprisingly pulled her for a hug.

“Mr Brooks, thank God you’re here, go and dance with her while I make a video”Amara signalled him.

” I don’t think that’s necessary”Flowerina rejected.

” No please just do me a favor”Nicholas took her to the dance and wrap his arms around her waist, Flowerina bit her lip when butterflies threw a party in her stomach.

They waltz gracefully,and people couldn’t stop admiring them.

“You look beautiful” he whispered and she blushed.

“Thanks you’re also handsome” Nicholas pulled her closer to him their bodies rubbing against each other, he slowly lean towards her ear and she shivered when his breath fanned her.

” I like you Flowerina” he whispered and she froze.

” Babe” Fernando walked to them and took Flowerina away.

” What was that Fernando?” Flowerina glared at him.

” Oh so you now enjoy being with another man” he scoffed and looked away.

” I’m sorry, he’s a friend and I can’t ignore him” Flowerina replied calmly while still thinking of what Nicholas said.

” It’s ok just know that I love you” He made to k!ss her but she dodged.

” We’re in public”she gave him an excuse.

” Hi Flowerina” Gina and Angela approached them.

” Oh hi guys”Flowerina cheerfully greeted them.

” A selfie wouldn’t hbrt right? ” Angela asked and Flowerina nodded, they took different selfies while Fernando walked away.

Gina sneaked into the bathroom and called Fernando to meet her there.

Fernando sneaked there also and met her half clad.

” What is wrong with you, someone might see us” Fernando scolded her and she began s0bbing.

” I just couldn’t take it when I saw how you wanted to k!ss her earlier” Fernando pulled her closer before sl@mming his lips on hers.

He picked her up wrapping her legs around his torso while she fiercely responded.

” I want you now” she cr!ed but he immediately stopped and dropped her down.

” I’m sorry Gina,but I think this should be the last time this will happen, I’ll be getting married to Flowerina in the next two weeks” he said while holding her shoulders, Gina gasped as te@rs poured out of her eyes.

” I don’t care, let’s just keep being this way” Gina stubb0rnly replied.

” I can’t, I’ve che@ted enough on her” Fernando k!ssed her lips again before svcking on her neck.

” This is a goodbye k!ss from me” he turned around and left her there.

” No, not when I’m add!cted to you” she roughed her hair and gritted her teeth.

” Attention everyone,I have something to say” Fernando took the mic from the MC and held Flowerina’s hand.

Flowerina became confused and furrowed her brows.

” Me and my fiancee are getting married in two weeks time and y’all invited” Flowerina gasped at what he said before looking at him.

” What aren’t you happy?” He pecked her lips and turned to Nicholas with a smirk on his face.

Nicholas glared at him furi0usly but remained calm.

” Congratulations” everyone said as they walked around.

” You will finally be mine Rina” Fernando hugs her while she smiled lightly.

Gina scoffed and st0rmed out of the house while Amara frowned.

” This wedding will never happen” Amara thought and glared at Fernando.


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