(the cold CEO)

Theme: LOVE

Written by Sunshine R.

Chapter 31 & 32



Fernando and Gina are currently staying together, though they don’t talk untill it’s necessary, they are more like strangers to each other.

Fernando came out of his room fully dressed for work while holding his briefcase.


Gina sat on the couch eating some snacks as breakfast.

” Can’t you cook?” Fernando asked in a h@rsh tone.

” No I can’t, you better get a maid” Gina rolled her eyes and focused back on her phone.

Fernando glared daggers at her and left the house.

Gina h!ssed and stood up before going to the bedroom.


The couple got dressed and came downstairs holding hands.

” Wow you both look bossy and muah” Blair blew them a k!ss before taking a photo of them.

” I’m posting this” she immediately posted the pic on her IG.

” Take care of yourself bestie and my bunny too” Flowerina hugged her.

” I will you too,make sure you come back with a baby bump” Blair winked at her.

” Geez” Flowerina blushed and followed Nicholas who was already waiting for her.

“Bye Nick” Blair waved at him and he gave her a smirk before helping his wife into the car.


Mr Brooks have been behaving strange since yesterday after signing the deal with Nicholas,he became too quiet and reserved.

Eunice is extremely happy with the sudden change,he didn’t bother her last night,and even this morning he greeted her which left her in surprise.

” I’ll be going to the office” Mr Brooks stood up after he was done eating.

” Ok bye” Eunice replied.

He nodded and calmly went out of the house.

“Sh*t” Fernando loosened up his tie and frowned the stock price in his company is decreasing,and the investors are withdrawing their shares.

” What the h*ll is happening?” Fernando banged his fist on the table.

” Sir most of our products were returned and many of them are Flowerina’s fans and followers” His assistant reported to him.

“Flowerina again?” Fernando scoffed and stood up.

” Yes sir the product became popular and was highly demanded when Flowerina modelled for us…..”

” Get out” Fernando y*lled at him and he ran out of the office immediately.

“D@mn you Rina”


Blair kept searching for her identity card but couldn’t find it,she is planning to go and look for a job despite knowing that Nicholas will not be happy when he learns about that.

“Do I really have to go back there” she stamps her feet on the floor with a frown.

She drove out of the Villa using one of Nicholas’s cars.


Bernardo came downstairs with his new lover,they were both laughing and chatting.

After he chased Blair out of the house he brought home his new lover,though he wants to send Blair the d!vorce papers but something keeps holding him back.

Blair suddenly walked into the mansion which surprised him and his new lover.

” Did your father send you back?” He laughed at her m0ckingly.

” As you can see I have another woman beside me,here are the d!vorce papers sign them and leave” Bernardo smirked ev!lly expecting her to start cry!ng and pleading but that that didn’t happen instead Blair went upstairs and later came back holding her identity card.

” I came to carry this and oh where are the papers?” She asked and Bernardo became confused and unhappy.

” There go and sign them quickly” his new lover voiced out.

” Done,this is my own copy right? I’ll take it” Blair smiled at them before leaving the mansion.

” What just happened?” Bernardo asked himself.

” What do you mean? You’ve always wanted to d!vorce that woman, now that she’s gone I can have you to myself” his new lover k!ssed his lips but he pushed her away.

” Not now please” He went after Blair but saw her driving out of mansion.

“BLAIR” he shouted but she gave him the middle finger and smirked.

Bernardo staggered back and nearly fell on the floor,he only wanted to use the d!vorce papers and sc@re her into coming back to his house but it didn’t work.


Flowerina took different pictures and posted them on her IG,he snapped Nicholas’s side view and posted it with the caption’best hubby in the world’.

” This place is so calm quiet just the way I like it” Flowerina walked into the gigantic mansion admiring everything about it.

Nicholas smiled and followed her behind,he actually bought the mansion yesterday when she told him she wanted them to spend their honeymoon in Spain.

” This place is amazing Nick” she turned back and gave him a hug.

” It’s yours” he said and she froze.

” I bought it for you,do you whatever you want to do with it” he tugs her hair behind her ear and pecked her cheek.

” Nick I…..”

” I love you too” he held her waist possessively before going for her lips.

” Let’s eat before getting down to business mi gema I’m st@rving” Nicholas k!ssed her earlobe and she shivered.

” N@ughty husband” Flowerina giggles.

Several maids came out of the kitchen with different meals and arranged them perfectly on the table.

” Enjoy your meals” the chief maid said with bow before they left the couple.

” Wow where should I start from?” Flowerina licked her lips while Nicholas kept staring at her.

” She is just like Diana” he thought and a smile escaped his lips.

” Anywhere mi gema” He replied.

Flowerina picked up a fork and tasted the pasta and m0aned as she gently chew on it.

Nicholas fed her some lobster and she did the same to him.

After eating to their satisfaction they both went upstairs to the bedroom and Flowerina entered the bathroom to take her bath.

Nicholas used the guest room and took a shower before returning to the bedroom where he met Flowerina standing in front of the mirror with a glass of wine in her hand.

She is wearing a bathrobe and which stopped above her knees, Nicholas picked his lips and went to stand behind her.

” Mi gema” he called in a soft voice that got Flowerina blushing.

” Hmmm” she replied as he slowly hugs her from behind, before bury!ng his face in her neck.

” You’re the most gorgeous woman in the world” he inhaled her sweet scent and close his eyes.

” And you’re also the most handsome man in the world Nick” Flowerina replied,she dropped the glass of wine and turned to face him.

Nicholas didn’t waste time in getting rid of the bathrobe.

He picks her up wrapping her legs around his waist before slowly thrst!ng into her, Flowerina gasped and closed her eyes trying to adjust to his size down there.

” Ahhhhh” she gasped and Nicholas increased his pace a little.

He took her to the bed and laid her down on it before pinning her hands above her head,he trails ksses to her bbs before sck!ng on them.

” Nick ohhh”she greed!ly held his head to her chest.

Nicholas followed his tongue on her n!pole and she cr!ed out,he went down to her nvel kssing and licking it before going to her waist.

” Oh my gosh” Flowerina mo@ned loudly, Nicholas svcked on her waist leaving several hckeys before proceeding to kss her thighs,his fingers played with her c!t before he gently pushed his middle finger into her c0re.

” Ahhh fk”

” Yes babe” Flowerina cr!ed when his finger began working inside her,he slowly brought his tongue to her c!it and she loosed her breath for a second,his hot tongue moves perfectly around her hole causing her to tremble.

” More babe”

” Yes right there…..ahhh” she rolled her eyes in e€stasy.

After some minutes Nicholas raised his head with a smirk on her face and stared at Flowerina who is still gasping for air.

“I love you mi gema” he maintained the eye contact before thrvsting into her with his big brother.

” Ohhh my” Flowerina hugged him to herself digging her fingers into his back.

” More….yes” Nicholas thrvsts faster and Flowerina went cr@zy.

” Ahhhhh ohhhh”


Athena is just coming back from Nicholas’s villa,she met Noah and Blair and they told her about the honeymoon.

She scre@med and threw a bottle of wine on the floor.

“Nooooo” she went on her knees cry!ng hard.

” No one can take him away from me” her eyes were red as she got on her feet,she h!ssed and left the house.


Fernando sat down drinking directly from a bottle of whiskey,he came here immediately after work,he down down the fifth bottle and asked for another one,just the thought of his company going down is enough to make him go cr@zy.

Athena also sat in her own spot drinking and cry!ng at the same time.

“No I can’t give up” she shouted not minding the fact that she’s in a public place.

An ev!l thought crept into her head and an ev!l smirk appeared on her face,she began looking around the club her eyes landed Fernando,she smiled wiped her te@rs before walking to him.

” Hi I’m Athena nice to you” a sultry smile on her face as she sat down beside him.

Fernando ignored her and kept drinking.

” I know you’re Flowerina’s ex fiancee, I’m Athena Nicholas’s lover” Athena said and he snapped his head towards her.

” Just get me pregnant and I will separate the both of them,and you can have her back” Athena touched his thigh while he stared at her.

He suddenly remembered her,she was the lady who was together with Nicholas at Harold’s welcoming party.

“Tell me your plans” Fernando smirked.

” F”ck me first” Athena and took him to one of the rooms in the club.

Fernando grabbed her and tore away her blouse.

” Have you fked Nicholas before?” He asked and she nodded.

“Times without number” she l!ed and Fernando smirked,he dragged down her skirt and pvshed his fngers into her.

” Fk” Athena cr!ed.


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