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By Sunshine R.

Chapter 41


Chapter 41 & 42



Nicholas was so focused on his work, his secretary brought some files for him and he began going through it.

” Arrange a meeting with the client tommorow morning” He ordered and the secretary nodded.

But all of a sudden Athena strolls into the office with te@rs rolling down her face.


” Niko” she called softly.

” Leave” Nicholas ordered his secretary.

” Niko I’m pregnant” Athena uttered and Nicholas stared at her as if she has gone m@d.

” I’m serious Niko, after that night I discovered that I’m pregnant” she passed the result to him.

” Get out of my office Athena” Nicholas’s voice was emotionless.

” I’m serious Niko, I can’t @bort the baby” Athena s0bbed harder.

Nicholas picked the telephone and called the guards.

” You can’t do this to me Nick I’m carrying your baby” Athena cr!ed as the guards took her away.

Nicholas picked up the result and bit his lips when he saw that she is truly pregnant.

” Damn it” he banged his fist on the table.

Bernardo stepped out of his car and briskly walks into the house.

” Welcome sir please make yourself comfortable” the maids asked him to sit before going to call Mr Brooks.

” Bernardo”

” Mr Brooks” they exchanged handshake before settling down.

” What brings you here?” Mr Brooks asked.

” How about we renew our contract” Bernardo said with a little bit of nerv0usness.

” I’m sorry I can’t do that Mr Bernardo,if it’s because of Blair then I don’t think she’s coming back to your house” Mr Brooks rejected the offer which surprised Bernardo.

” This is about millions of dollars” Bernardo tries harder to persuade him.

” I’m sorry Mr Bernardo but I can’t” Mr Brooks shook his head, Bernardo exhaled before leaving the house.

Mr Brooks shook his head and went upstairs.


“Welcome home Nick” Flowerina ran to hug Nicholas who returned home earlier than usual.

” Thanks mi gema” he smiled lightly and pecked her lips.

” What’s wrong Nick?” Flowerina asked when she saw worry in his eyes.

” Let’s go to the room and discuss” Nicholas held her hand and took her to the room.

“Is everything ok?” Flowerina asked again still holding his hand.

” It’s Athena” Nicholas said in a frustr@ted tone.

” Your sister in law?” Flowerina asked and he nodded.

” We once had a night stand though it was a mistake and now she is pregnant” Nicholas explained and Flowerina let go of his hand.

” She is pregnant?” She asked to confirm and he nodded.

” Why is it that I can’t have my man in peace first it was that b@stard and now it’s you, I swear no woman will separate us” Flowerina half y*lled with te@rs rolling down her face.

” Mi gema I’m I shouldn’t have allowed that to happen I’m the one at f@ult” Nicholas went on his knees but she immediately helped him up.

” I’m sorry” Flowerina kept cry!ng while hugging him.

” What are you planning to do about it?” Flowerina asked after calming down.

” I don’t know I’m confused and….” Nicholas became speechless, guilt is already eating him up.

“It’s fine we’re in this together”Flowerina said with fvry in her eyes.

” I don’t deserve you mi gema, the guilt is eating me up, now you’re hvrting because of me” Nicholas tone was exceptionally soft.

“It’s fine” Flowerina was trying so hard to stop her te@rs from flowing.


“Done” Athena jumped on Fernando the moment she entered the house.

” Good job Athena, let’s strengthen the baby a little bit” Fernando began taking off her clothes while she giggled.


Gina’s baby bump is getting obvious,and Fernando has not been coming home for the past five days.

Gina was already having eye bags under her eyes, she sniffles,she hired a maid who will be helping her in doing the house chores.

“Ma’am lunch is ready” the maids said while shaking.

” Get out of my sight” Gina shouted at her before h!ssing.


Megan was throwing a tantrum in the house sc@ring all the workers in the mansion,she got m@d when she saw Blair’s post on IG showing off her new love lock.

“How dare you break that cup, it worth more than your useless life” she landed a mighty sl@p on one of the maids face.

” I’m sorry ma’am” the maids cr!ed.

” You’re f!red” Megan y*lled and the girl ran out of the house cry!ng.

” What are you all staring at? Do you want to follow her” The rest of the maids immediately disappeared.

” What the h*ll is going on here, Megan stop causing tr0uble in my house” Bernardo matched into the house looking so @nnoyed and upset.

” Are you now defending them? Don’t tell me you’re che@ting on me with one of them? Tell me Bernardo”Megan scre@med her lungs out when he sl@pped her.

” How dare you accuse me of che@ting on you,this should be the last time you will say such to me” Bernardo glared at her and left the mansion.

” I’ll get back at you Bernardo” Megan stamps her feet fvriously.


” Bestie guess what” Blair hugged Flowerina.

” Just blurt it out bestie” Flowerina faced her with a slight smile.

” I got a new apartment and I will be moving out tomorrow” Blair smiled widely expecting Flowerina to smile and congratulate her but Flowerina was lost in her own world.

” Bestie what’s wrong?” Blair shook Flowerina and she got startled.

” I’m happy for you bestie” Flowerina hugged her but Blair shook her head and her expression turned serious.

” Tell me bestie, what’s wrong? Is it my brother?” Blair asked.

” Blair……”

” Welcome sir”they both heard the maids greeting someone and when they turned they saw Mr Brooks coming in with Athena behind him.

” Welcome father” the both of them greeted him simultaneously.

” Where is Nicholas?” Mr Brooks said and Flowerina went up to call him after casting a glance at Athena.

“Father is downstairs” Flowerina said and turned to leave but Nicholas held her back hugging her to himself.

” I love you alone mi gema” he whispered.

” And I love you too” she replied with a smile, and that smile made Nicholas relieved.

He walked out of the room leaving Flowerina who wiped the te@rs that were thre@tening to fall.

” Why are you here fa…..” Nicholas couldn’t complete his statement when he saw Athena behind his father.

” Do you know she is carrying your child?” Mr Brooks gestures at Athena.

” I know” Nicholas replied and Blair gasped sh0cking while Flowerina bit her lips.

“She will be staying here from now on I don’t want her to raise the child alone” Mr Brooks declared, Nicholas frowned and gave Athena a cold but d@ngerous glare.

” Once she gives birth to the child, she will leave the house” Nicholas said and his father nodded.

” Ok that’s not a pr0blem as long as she stays here” Mr Brooks said and left the house.

” I’m sorry for disturbing y’all it wasn’t my intention to get pregnant we both…..” Athena began cry!ng.

” I know girls like you Athena or whatever you call yourself, your days in this house is numbered, bch”Flowerina spat @ngrily and went to the bedroom.

Nicholas turned and followed Flowerina immediately.

“Aren’t you @shamed of yourself, trying to be a third wheel, by the time we’re done with you, you will leave the house by yourself” Blair h!ssed and left her standing there.

Athena clinched her fist @ngrily, she thought Flowerina was the gentle type who always cr* over issues but she was wrong.

” Let the game begin” she muttered.

” Ma’am please follow me” the maid took her to a room that’s downstairs close to the store room.

” What I can’t stay here, why can’t I stay upstairs like the rest” Athena frowned.

” Master gave the order himself” The maid replied and left her alone.

” What? How can Niko treat me like this?”Athena crunches her nose as she looked around the room.

” Dmn it” she banged her clenched fist on the bed.

“Mi gema” Nicholas bit his lip and hugged because she couldn’t stop cry!ng.

“I will just send her away, she doesn’t have to stay with us”Nicholas stood up and began going out of the room but Flowerina hugged him from behind.

” No don’t I will handle her” Flowerina said and he smiled before facing her.

” But promise me you will stop shedding te@rs, it hvrts” Nicholas wiped her te@rs before k!ssing her lips.

” Let’s make babies” he said naughtily and she giggled.

” Here we go again”she laughed when he laid her on the bed coming on top of her.

” Till eternity mi gema” He impr!soned her lips passionately forgetting about everything in the world.


Fernando finally returned home though it’s late in the night, he met Gina sitting on the bed while operating her phone.

” I’m back”Fernando announced but Gina ignored him.

” Regina I said I’m back” Fernando shouted at her.

” Please don’t wake the neighbors up” Gina scoffed and he got m@d.

” I can see that you’re growing wings but I will soon cut them off trust me” he smirked and went into the bathroom.

Gina h!ssed and kept chatting on her phone.


Evan was sleeping on the couch when his phone began ringing.

” Mum why calling me in the middle of the night?” He frowned while talking to his mother.

” Evan what are you turning into huh? Going back to that w!tch who nearly caused your downfall, don’t forget that you were once d*pressed because of her” His mum r@nted over the phone.

” Mum please we’ll talk about this tomorrow” He hung up and switched off his phone before going over to sit beside unc0nscious Angela.

” C’mon Angel wake up” he k!ssed her hand.


Miguel sat in his room reading his books, the man who adopted him came earlier with lots of textbooks for him to read.

” Gosh I’m so tired” Miguel yawned and laid on the bed when the man entered.

” Tired already?” He sat beside Miguel.

” Yeah I need some rest” Miguel nodded.

” It’s fine I will get you registered in one of the colleges we have tomorrow” the man said and Miguel almost jumped up.

” But can I see your face please” the man pulled down the mask and Miguel continued staring at him.

” I’m Maximus but you can call me Max, read hard and make me proud” he said to the boy in a calm and affectionate tone.

” I will I promise” Miguel smiled and went to bed.

Maximus smiled and left the room.


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