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“My husband… My husband …..”Cyndi screamed as she rushed into the hospital with Tobi after she was informed about the accident.

She rushed into the hospital screaming at the top of her Tobi did all he could to calm her but all attempt were futile.She kept wailing in te@rs disturbing the serenity of the hospital.

“Please madam calm down,all is well please.”The nurses consoled her but she won’t listen, she kept calling Marcus and was pacing randomly in the hospital.

Tobi paused and shook his head in pa!ns,”ohh lord please save his life, I know his wife’s late boyfriend is behind this but please God, have mercy on him, he is innocent.”Tobi muttered a word of prayer as he stared blankly at the ceiling.

“Gooday Mr….Are you connected to Mr Marcus? the patient who had a fatal accident?”

“Yes nurse.w..w..what is the pn0blem?”he stuttered as his curiosity grew.

“The doctor actually want to see you in his office, right away.”She said.

“Okay thank you…”Tobi said as he quickly whizzed past the nurse, heading to the doctors office.

“Gooday doctor, How is he doing?”Tobi asked immediately he shut the door behind him.
He scurried towards the doctor and stood before him, expecting an answer to his question.

“Please sit..”The doctor said as he pointed at the well furnished chair in front of him.
“I guess Mr Marcus is your friend, isn’t he?”he asked when Tobi sat down.

“Yes doctor, please tell me,how is he now?”Tobi said impatiently.
“Of course you should know that his condition is critical,he had a terr!ble accident which almost took his life.

Thank God for some good samaritans who rescued him and brought him down here.”The doctor said.
Tobi exhaled and nodded his head…”so can I see him now?”he requested.

“I’m sorry you can’t.He is unconscious,he was seriously injured.One won’t believe he could survive such a terr!ble accident.The car got burnt without recognition.”

“Oh my goodness.”Tobi muttered as he bowed his head in disappointment.
“By the way, where’s his wife?”

“She’s out there cry!ng, she’s in no mode for discussion right now if that’s what you’re planning.”Tobi said thoughtlessly.

“He dropped a message for her before he fell into c0ma.”
Tobi raised his head when he heard this.
“What message?”

“I’m sorry I can only disclose it to his wife because the message was meant for her.”
“Tell me doctor, I know virtually everything that’s going on in that family,a life and de@t issue.

There is actually no time for privacy right now.”Tobi blustered as he bashed the doctor’s table.

“He said she should do it as fast as she can before it’s too late because he is coming for her.I really don’t understand the meaning of what he said,the pronoun features are so confusing.

I believe his wife will be the only person to unravel this.”The doctor said.
“He said she should do it as fast as she can before it’s too late because he’s coming for her…”those words rang in Tobi’s mind.

“Wait a minute! I think I understand what he said.”Tobi said and he quickly sprang to his feet and was leaving…

“Please come back… you should….”The doctor said but Tobi had gone.
“Cyndi…. Cyndi….”Tobi called Cyndi who was sitting helplessly on the floor m0urning in silence.

“You have to go Cyndi, get prepared now.”Tobi said as he lifted her up.
“I don’t understand Tobi.”Cyndi was devastated.

“I’ll be with Marcus,you have to move to the village and do what you’re asked to do, Marcus said so.”
“He did!?”

“Yes.Theres no time Cyndi,start leaving before something b@d happen again.I’ll call to reach out.”Tobi said and Cyndi reluctantly left .

It was dark when Cyndi drove her car into Fred’s compound.The compound was as quiet as a gr@vëyard,it was only the chirping of birds that she heard.

She stepped out of the car with her box and then walked towards the house which was as old as it was.She got to the door, only to discover that it was open.

She heaved and brought out a flashlight to see more clearly, she turned around and finally walked into the house.

Her cellphone beeped immediately she dropped her bag on the tattered sofa.It was a message from Tobi asking if she had arrived safely and she gave a positive answer.

The house was so grubby, she knew she had to do some chores just to make the house comfortable for her in the mean time.
She changed into a light dress and tied her hair ready for the chores.

Just as she was going to start dusting the chairs, she heard a knock on the door.She was surprised because she wasn’t expecting anyone, she walked towards the door and opened it but couldn’t find the person who knocked.

She locked the door and turn to go inside only for her to see Fred sitting on the sofa.
She flinched because she wasn’t expecting him that night, after all she knew he was the reason she came.

“What do you want Fred?”she said te@rfully with enough gut to back her words.
“Come sit with me Cyndi, please..,”Fred pleaded in a cool voice and Cyndi reluctantly sat down not without trepidation.

“I’m sorry for everything I did Cyndi, I was @ngry because I was k!Iled. Your parents k!Iled me for no right reason and I did same to them.”Fred said as bl0od dripped down his eyes.He held Cyndi’s hand and she almost trembled with fe@r.

“I love you Cyndi, I couldn’t stand the feeling of seeing you with another man, that’s why I did all of that, I was desperate for you to join me because I was alone, I had no one to talk to, I had no one to share my emotions with

I felt you were breaking our promise because we vowed never to leave each other no matter what.”Fred said.
“But you went to far,you caused a lot of hav0c, you k!Iled my innocent unborn child and now my husband is almost dy!ng there in c0ma.”Cyndi cr!ed bitterly as she moved away from him.

“I’m fr!ghtfully sorry Cyndi, I couldn’t rest, I tried to leave you but I couldn’t. My spirit was restless,all I understood was veng3nce.I’m sorry.”he pleaded with bl0od still dripping down his scarring face.

Cyndi exhaled and held his hands, she felt so free at that moment.
“I never stopped loving you Fred, I was b!ttered, I had always wished you could come back but it’s impossible,if wishes were horses beggars will ride.

I’m here for you Fred.I love you.”she said and quickly hugged him so closely and passionately as though her life depend on it.
“I love you too Cyndi…..”he muttered with a smile on his face.


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