Seeing Daniel made me realize what I was doing and it was as if my sins were standing before me

My bra dropped inside my body, the hand was almost falling out of my top

When did Mr Law unhooked my b.ra, I didn’t even realized


I gathered back the little diginity left in me and stood upright.

Daniel was more focused on me than anyone or anything.

“…I’m.. sorry. I..I thought you were ready for the movie tonight..”
“…I…I will just go..” Daniel turned and hurried out of the house.

I was speechless and didn’t even know what to say

It was after he mentioned the movie that it dawned on me that we both made arrangements to go out for a movie after church.

“Are you both seeing each other.. again?

I didn’t reply

“…I sensed the chemistry between you too. It’s something going on..? Mr Law asked while gazing at me attentively.

“Daniel and were supposed to go out to see a movie. He’s my friend, a good one at that…”

“Has he laid with you before or…” He paused.

“What! No…he will never do that, Not even a kiss… Daniel is very disciplined..”

“So I’m not disciplined because I do otherwise? You are indeed funny Aka..”

“… can you get dressed let’s get away from here..”
“… since Daniel is here to take you out for a movie, we can aswell go see one..”

“No, I don’t feel like going out…”

“Why? But you planned going out with Daniel for a movie. Your refusal will make me feel bâd..c’mon Aka..”

He drew me close to him and try kíssing me again, but I refused and walked away from him.

Seeing Daniel triggered a certain light in me that wasn’t there earlier when I was wrapped up in Mr Law’s arm as he r0manced and kíssed me.

As much as I still want to be with Mr Law but I know what the end result will be at the end of today.

I don’t want in anyway allow the flesh to continue ruling over me.

Daniel had said it only takes a tiny crack for the dëvïl to creep in.

He doesn’t need a large space, giving little room that’s all the dëvïl want.

I just did that, unknowingly created a crack and the dëvïl almost took the day glory, thank God that Daniel came, perfect timing.
Just in time to bring me to my senses.

Mr Law and I could have ended up in my bed and I wouldn’t have the ability to stop him because my flesh was equally enjoying the moment and pleasure that comes from it all.

I will need to work more on how overcome certain temptation, no matter how spiced up that the dëvïl presents it, I will need the help of the holy spirit to know and overcome it.

“ this all because you saw Daniel? You were fine with me and had no trouble with the kíss and the touch, you were obviously enjoying it.. why the sudden change?

“Is not because of Daniel, there are certain things God frowns out and even though I know this things yet I fall into them. Like what we were just doing before Daniel walked in was all shades of wrong in the sight of God and It could have ended deeper intimacy with you..”

“… I’m a born again Christian and despite how weakened I feel at your every touch, I should be able to resist temptation and stand aright in the face of my weaknesses…”

“You’re talking trash, nothing you said make sense to me. Spare me all this bulsh!t. I’m leaving so that you don’t end up calling me s@tan that came to tempt you or made you fall into sín because it’s obvious, I see where all this boring talk is going..”

He picked up his key to leave

“Maybe I will come visit next weekend to see Amara but I’m not promising..”
“… thanks for coming over. I really do appreciate it and thank you again for helping my sister, giving her a job and also accomodating her. You’re a kind man and my God will bless you…”

He chuckled.

He paused at the door, turned to me with a downcast appearance.

“I feel blessed having you in my life Aka, I value you more than you can imagine. If you want to be mine then do so and if you want to belong to another then don’t toil with my heart. I’m not in good state of heart for months and do not need any more heartache to be added to the list…”

“…. this is a hard time with my Dad lying there in the hospital. It’s terrible Aka…i’m angry for many reasons. If I was an alc0holic or chain smøker this is a good time to drink myself until I forget all of this. My Dad put us through a whole lot, I remember when my Mom caught him having åffair on several counts but he will promised never to do it again after being caught, he kept promising until my Mom was feed up…”

“… they were always having misunderstanding, my Dad is always trying to justify his dirty lifestyle and my Mom running out of patience with him until she could no longer take it. I was just finishing high school when my parents separated. My Mom relocated to the US and usually come visiting every summer until she remarries and her visiting became less often…”

“… my Dad is a chronic cheat, he didn’t control his wømanising nature on time and It has ruined him. No woman that he has had a thing with in the past is by his side right now. My Mom would’ve try everything to nurse him during this period but he loosed a good woman while chasing cloud…”
“.. my dad and i don’t get along always but he’s still my father and I respect him, he’s definitely not the kind of Dad I want to be for my kids but yes, he will remain my father. Even my mom who håted him for many reasons never wished him what he is currently going through. He’s in terrible shape and going over to see him in that condition leaves me emotionally drained..”

“… I’m sorry that he once caused you pain. You’re very brave and outspoken, I like that about you. I watched the way you challenged my Dad that day even after punching his eyes that became bloodshot all through the day. I have watched you for a while before making a move. I really don’t care about background but I love my women bold, intelligent, smart, fearless and beautiful offcourse and you got it all…”

“… I love you Aka and I will try all I could to care for your sister like I cared for you. I might not be able to train her in school but she has my support. Listen, I’m not just after your body like you might assume, I just love the lady you’ve become and still becoming and I will try to support you to the very end, that’s a you believe me..” he asked, he walked to me, pulling my chin up to face him.

“Yes…yes I believe you sir..” I replied and included “sir” so he will understand he will always have my respect.

Even though we’ve slept together which we shouldn’t have but i still had maximum respect for him

He kíssed my cheek lightly before leaving.
I quickly followed him.

I walked him to his car which was parked outside the gate

I waved as he drove away.

The following day was Monday, I didn’t see Daniel after lecture time.

I was through with my lectures

I went in search of Daniel but couldn’t find him.
His phone was off.

It was after several search and asking I was directed to the library.
he was busy reading.

“Daniel…I have been searching for you..” I said
He looked up at me with a straight face

“I’m trying to read up for my exams…”
“…how was lecture today? He asked as he returned his gaze to the book

“It was okay..” I replied.

He nodded
He doesn’t seem happy or bright.

Could it be because of yesterday, he walked in to see Mr Law and I.

I was wrapped up in Law’s arm as he smøøches my body and kíss me påssionately
I know is heart breaking for him to see that since he has never hides his true feelings for me.

I’m glad Daniel didn’t caught us nåked but I understand the scene he saw us will be quiet a shock for him

“About yesterday… Daniel..” I began but his attention remained in his book.

“.. I’m sorry that you saw that..I..I .” Words failed me at this point

I became silent

There was another long silent before he heaved and raised his head to look at me.

“Sincerely, I felt bâd and still feeling very uncomfortable remembering that. It’s hard especially because I love and cares about you, everything about you, which includes your salvation…”

“…I care about your person and really want you to be guided spiritually, I wish you can discipline your flesh to resist temptation and quit pleasing the flesh. I want you to run the race well but you keep going back to the same thing I’m trying to save you from..

“… we had a plan to go see a movie yesterday, I was really busy after service but I try to hurry so that I don’t keep you waiting or disappointed. I never knew that your boss was coming over… you didn’t call to inform me that the movie timeout will be cancelled, I wish you did I wouldn’t have seen you two entangled together. Is quiet dí be sincere but it’s alright.” He sighed sadly.

“I wasn’t aware, I was surprised too when he showed up. I’m sorry that I disappointed you again..”

“Yea, it’s all good Aka..” he said bending his head to the book.

We sat silently
He was fully back reading again or probably pretending to be.

I stood and told him I was going home

He nodded
He didn’t bother to walk me like he will do, he didn’t even remind me of the following day fellowship.

He didn’t pretend or hide his disappointment towards me

I walked away and went home.

This was my first time to see Daniel moody or sâd

I was surprised that he will act this way towards me
I know I didn’t expect him to hug me, sit over a drink and laugh it all off.

That will be hypocrisy because deep down his heart wasn’t at peace with me but I only wish he will understand like he used to do before.
As the Christian brother he is, I thought he will never be mâd at me.

I don’t know how to react or what to say.

Probably he doesn’t want to be my friend anymore
I will give him time to calm down,
He really seems hürt

I don’t want to loose his friendship.

Is very important to me

God will give me wisdom to make it right

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Episode 53

“My name is miss Akachukwu Peter, I’m a final year student here..”

“What’s your faculty.?

“Law.. criminology and security studies..” I replied and watched as he went checking on his computer.

He had called me into his office after several threats to the students that we won’t graduate if we don’t come for clearance.

I know I don’t have any outstanding. I only want to know what am faced with before proceeding.

As it is now, I’m having personal problems of my own and do not need additional headache.

Alot has happened in the past one year, my dream is to finish well and be out of here

I don’t have much saved up but I’m hoping it will be able to clear any outstanding if there’s any at all.

“Miss Peters, I’m sorry but this isn’t looking too good for you..”

My heart skipped, it began to race.

“Oh God, what is it again this time..? I whispered to myself.
“… academically you’re good, you did excellently well, I will say far more than others but you still have serious issue before graduation can happen for you…”

He began to list out some of the outstanding and courses that I had issues in
The fees I was yet to clear.

He mentioned the huge amount I will use to clear all of it if I wish to graduate well.

I was surprised at everything he mentioned because none of it were true.

I had no outstanding, I was academically involved in all my year.

I paid all my bills, Mr Law kept to his word, he sent my tuition and clearance fees, exactly the amount I mentioned and I paid it into the school account like I was directed.

There shouldn’t be any ridiculous outstanding or whatsoever this man was trying to say.

He said I have to pay it to a different bank account not the school account
So that the Money will be remitted to the school authority
This is where it all seems suspicious.

With all my understanding and studies, it’s clear that there was something illegal going on in some of the school departments

But who dares to come out and speak or challenge the authority

They will definitely turn the tables around in their favour and against the speaker.

I have always been careful not to be caught in their trap

The only time I had issues was during my second semester

I missed a class test due to I went for a night vigil and overslept that very day

The lecturer tries to take advantage of the situation, he tries to make me sleep with him but he ran out of luck.

It was same period that God sent Daniel to the rescue.

Speaking of Daniel
I miss Daniel so much, I don’t know when I will ever see him again.

All this wouldn’t have been if he was around.
He would’ve helped me as usual.

I know what Daniel will want me to do


I bent may head and began to pray
I prayed for few minutes and had this air of peace around me.
My unstabled heart beat normalised.

I knew God was already in control.

Daniel said I can talk to God over anything, whenever I find myself and however complicated the situation at that moment might be.

Talking to God while in a commercial bus, in the lecture hall, in the market or in my quiet place should become part of me because God is always listening.

No problem is too big or small for him to solve.

My prayer life has improved greatly because I pray both in good or bâd condition.

Daniel’s teaching will live in my heart forever and I have impacted this godliness in the life of Dami and some of my friends
Dami is doing better than she used to do spiritually and that makes me very happy

I don’t know whatever the outcome of today’s meeting with the head of my faculty department will be, I know God is already in charge.
I have faith in him and I know he will again take care of this situation for me.

Daniel had assured me that nobody will ever trouble me all through my stay in school.
He will do everything he can to keep me safe.
He also requested that I stay out of trouble to avoid anyone taking advantage of the situation.

Daniel has graduated over a year ago and he’s out of the country

I wished he had stayed back in the country to do his master program, he also said he doesn’t mind running his program in the country because he has done his research and there are good schools he can do so

According to him, his mother has insisted that he travels to Manchester for the program.
His Mom’s younger brother reside there with his family.
Which was why Manchester was the best option.

He’s been gone for so long and no words from him.
He has probably moved on and forgotten me which is still okay.

Our friendship was divine and he helped me greatly in my spiritual walk.
He came into my life just in time to help my unstabled faith.

I fall many times yet he never ceased to be my friend.

He had gotten so ângry with me after walking in to see Mr Law and I entangled together.

He didn’t pretend but showed he wasn’t please with me.

It took me over two weeks to gain back his full friendship.

I became more serious in everything he has been trying to teach me.

Húrting his feeling wasn’t what I intended and I felt bâd watching him draw away from me.

I begged him not to let what happened to break us apart and he asked me to promise to be focused on my studies and my spiritual walk with God more than anything else.
Paying attention to what matters most than my emotions or feeding the desires of the flesh.

I agreed to do so.
He said I also needed to ask God for grace because he understands that it’s never easy to overcome certain temptation.

He promised to be interceding for me.

I found peace with Daniel and my spiritual walk became better than it was.

I told him those things I was afraid to confess before.
My intimacy with Mr Law and all that went down with it.

He wasn’t mad or disappointed but glad that I refused to be a slave to sin.

Indeed I was no longer a slave to sin or to my fears.
It has no hold over me or my future.

I became bürden free and spiritually inclined.
I also learn forgiveness for myself and others.

“Miss Peters, the man called while looking up to me and bringing my attention to the present…”

“Yes sir..”I replied waiting for whatever he had to say

“You’re a relative of Daniel, Daniel Victor the formal students here, his father is a vice chancellor in DOM university..”

“He’s a friend sir, we’re not related..”

“Your boyfriend or what..” he asked raising an eyebrow to look at me through his glassed.

“That wasn’t very official but we were great friends..”

“What wasn’t official, I know that have seen you together with him severally and you’re one of the students under his father’s list of “special..”

I was quiet, I really don’t know what he was getting at and how Daniel who graduated over a year ago comes into the situation.

“… without much ado, I will have to let you go because you smell of trouble especially having the ear of a chancellor. We all know Daniel because of his Dad and also his Mom who’s a judge. You’re lucky one, you got no outstanding again. It’s just occurred to me that you’ve done all your clearance…”
“… you will join others to graduate. Here is your clearance receipt, You’re free to go now…”

I took the receipt, thanked him before walking out.

I was just chuckling as I went home that day.
This God is too much.

It was a great miracle and God kept proving himself in all my circumstances.

I sang praises and dance around in my room while a gospel music plays from my phone which I connected to a speaker

Mr Law’s call interrupted the moment.

Seeing his call brought a frown, followed by a heavy sigh.

(Do not take credit or Plagiarize AMAH’S HEART stories)


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