“I have been waiting for an hour, I was almost giving up…”

I looked over at Ify

“Is true Aka, he’s been here since and you’re not taking your calls too…”

It seems the engagement ring in my finger shun like a diamond through with the help of the bulb light reflection


“..Oh my God…” Ify exclaimed aloud not minding that Mr Law was still there.

Mr Law looked at her wondering why she was so alarmed all of a sudden.

She clapped her hand excitedly

She couldn’t contain her joy as she stared at my finger.

I try giving her sign to cut down on her excitement but she couldn’t just stay calm.

Mr Law followed her gaze to my finger.

When he got the glimpse of Ify’s excitement, he stared at my hand. confusion written all over him

He looked from my hand to Ify then back at me

“Why is your friend suddenly excited…? He asked

I thought he understood after seeing a ring but he obviously doesn’t or he’s trying to get me to speak on the ring.

“I don’t know, maybe you should ask her…” I said while trying to dodge the question.

He moved close to me, took my left hand and give it a serious look before letting go.

“Is this a fancy ring or…oh wait! Hope is not what I’m thinking..?

“What exactly are you thinking sir? I asked calmly.

“Are you engaged…? He finally managed to ask.

“Yes…I am..”

Ify screamed excitedly again startling everyone.
Her excitement was more than I expected

“Oh my goodness…Aka, I’m so happy. Congratulations baby girl…” Ify said without minding if Mr Law was there.

She took my finger and exclaimed further.

“…It’s so beautiful, the stone may not be big but it certainly look expensive, it shun so bright like diamond crystal. Daniel went all out on this one. I knew all this your outing with him will breed something beautiful. We’ve two weddings to plan, yours and mine. you will definitely make a beautiful bride. Any man that will be so lucky and blessed to have you as a wife, Daniel is indeed blessed… I’m so happy for you sis..” Ify said again as she threw her arms around me.

She has totally forgotten we’ve a visitor in our means.
But deep down I was also overwhelmed with joy
Her excitement triggers my mood and nothing matters at that moment.

“Maybe…I will just go..” Mr Law said as he slowly began walking out.

I suddenly felt bâd

He wasn’t looking happy and didn’t even congratulate me.

I followed him outside the door

“Please wait..” I said

He paused, heaved sadly before facing me

“Yes..? He asked with emotions in his tune

“You came looking for me, why…? For the past three months, after the dinner that went wrong, we’ve not seen..”

“But I have been calling, sending messages and you refused to replied or pick my calls. I apologized severally for everything that went wrong, I never planned for it to go that way but you stubbornly refused to forgive because you got Daniel as substitute…”

Daniel wasn’t a substitute, he got me in a way that you don’t…”

“I got you too Aka, I love you and try to prove it in different ways. I thought you loved me too? I didn’t come around since because I don’t have address of this place, it was your sister that helped me out. I don’t know how I’m feeling now or how exactly to react to your engagement. How could you do this to me…? you know how I feel about you Aka. I kept believing you will come around in your feeling and I was hoping coming here we will be able to resolve our differences..”

“You’re only after my body Mr Law, you want me moving in with you so that you can have séx with me anytime you pleases and I won’t have a say over anything or even my body because you’re the boss and want to be seen as such always…”

“Jeez! You’re actually blúffing. How can you think so low of me. I have women, classic big girls i can choose to have séx or do whatever with. But… you’re different, special and your thoughts occupies my mind at all time. I wanted you close because I love you and wish to see your beautiful face everyday. I don’t just want to have you in my thoughts but with me.. physically. I was even ready to get you engaged after you rejected moving in with me…”
“…I can’t do that shít with any lady, I can’t officially ask any woman to move in with me. I will rather call anytime I need them. I wanted it to be only you in my life… just you Aka. I love you so much, can’t you see what you have practically turned me into? I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore… I’m literally going cråzy because of you…”

He moved close and cup my face.
Before I could step away from him he kíssed me and didn’t let go immediately

I had to struggle free from him.

“Why will you do that..? I shouted quietly at him.

“Why can’t I do that? You enjoys my kíss, my touch, my body and my presence…”

“Not anymore, that was far away in the past when I was walking in flesh, I allowed worldly desires to rule over me. I’m over it now and I’m engaged to Daniel. I will really love if you can respect boundaries moving forward, if you can’t be happy for me then leave me alone…”

He wanted to say something but pause.

“One thing I admire about you so much is your boldness. You’re smart and fearless, You’ve the kind of boldness I admire in ladies, very outspoken. You don’t exhibits the background you were raised or came from. You’ve a big mind of your own and whenever you put your mind to something you always achieve it… nothing deters you, you always find a way with every challenge and you’re lovable…” He said calculatively making me blush.

“That’s one of the sweetest things you’ve said to me in a long year…”
“…My background has nothing on me sir, I may not be able to define were I got the boldness but my outspokenness was mostly birthed from the challenges life threw at me, your late Dad was part of that journey. I knew I needed to be strong for myself, otherwise men like that will trampled me underfoot until I become useless and tired of life, I refused to let that happen and developed thick skin. Nothing gets to me… not even my parents pressure for me to marry a búlly because of their selfish interest, I stood my ground and refused. Alot of up and down makes me build a bricks wall around my emotions. I wanted to be somebody, opposite of what my parents foresaw but not until I met a kind man who was selfless and defensive of me…”

“Who is that..I mean the man? He asked inquisitively

“You offcourse. You used to be that man.. but..”

“I’m still that man Aka. I’m ready to be more if you can give me a chance..”

“Isn’t it obviously late for a chance? I asked him as I remind him that I was engaged by waving my hand.

“You’re only engaged not married. Engagement can be broken…I understand marriage can also but that’s on a total different level. I want you in my life Aka… you don’t know how happy you make me anytime I’m with you. My heart is devastated right now and I’m only hoping you have a rethink. Have a goodnight sleep… and think it all through…”

He walked to his car and drove off while I returned back to the house.

“Mr Law must be shattered, I know he behaves like weather… unpredictable but he loves you..” Ify said as I stepped in.

“…Well, Daniel beat him to it. I naturally likes Mr Law. He’s super rich, he’s a big boy yet humble enough to come looking for you, he doesn’t even care that you’re from the trenches and your background is not close to his own or people he moves with. Love can be cråzy, but that man loves you. Probably his way of life doesn’t suits your personality but he’s real and doesn’t fåke anything. I wish he’s the one that proposed, although Daniel is great and I have met him twice and he has this peace in his eyes that quiet my spirit but Mr Law is lively and fun, he’s not going to bore you but will make sure you’re always entertained…”

“Did Mr Law paid you to say all this nice things about him…” I asked Ify jokingly as I took off my shoes, heading to the bathroom for a shower.

Ify chuckled but I ignored as I entered the bathroom and took a bath

I wrapped a towel and came out

“I have been waiting for you to come out so that i can answer your question..”

“… Mr Law won’t stoop low to do that. As he was even waiting for you while you were gone with Daniel, I was just pitying him. It takes humility and love for such to happen…”

“Okay, you’re right. I appreciate him waiting but I’m engage to Daniel… everyone will adjust with time. I thought you were sincerely happy for me when you saw the ring…”

“I was… I’m very happy for you Aka, don’t get me wrong. I’m only stating the obvious fact between the two most important men in your life who truly cares about you…”

“…do you consider the other room after marriage? I mean the tatata moment between couples…? She began to laugh at her own joke.

I stared, waiting for her to continue. Interestingly, I wanted to know where she was headed with all this talk.

“… Daniel doesn’t seem like he’s going to be fun in bedmatic games. And you know how much a woman’s satisfaction is paramount. If your man isn’t satisfying you, then there will be lots of problem in the marriage. It seems like you two haven’t had séx before. You might have shared kisses and all but the main thing haven’t happened…I might be wrong though. Daniel might even be a lion but he doesn’t seem so to me. The bedroom moment will be dāmn boring with such a man…”

“Alright, I haven’t complained to you yet. Why are you bothering yourself…”.

“I’m just been concerned. While Mr Law will be load of fun. He will teach you different bedroom styles and take you to the climate and beyond. his touch alone will turn you on and…”

“That’s enough, I can see that you’re a big fan of Law..” I interrupted while picking up my phone from my dresser.

I saw a message from Amara, she said I should try to come over that she wasn’t feeling well.

I heaved sadly wondering what could be wrong with her
She haven’t asked me to come over before whenever she’s not well.

I’m surprised she wants me around all of a sudden.
Something looks fishy

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Episode 63

I became worried and suspicious with Amara’s message.

Daniel message came in, he reminded me to pray.
He sent a particular verse in Psalm 23.
“Lord, lead me not into témptation but deliver me from all ev!l..”

I will pray once I’m done talking with Ify.

Ify kept talking and wasn’t ready to quiet down even when I appeared uninteresting.

“I’m both a huge fan of Law and Daniel. But my focus is on your happiness, which one of them will give you peace of mind, electrifying moment, rich girl lifestyle and happiness offcourse. Daniel seems like a novice when it comes to intimacy but Mr Law is obviously a pro. Daniel’s serious believe in God and the fear he has towards offending God might make him not to explore other styles with you. other bedroom factors may seem sinful and abominable to his personality. Doing one style all the time for the years that will come and go will definitely bore me out if I were you…”

“…I tried different styles when I was single, now that I’m getting married I’m going all out for my man. He won’t get enough of me…I will satisfy him at home and in the office or anywhere we find ourselves. No other woman will come close, I will make sure he eats the food and the “food” that’s In-between both on the kitchen floor or in the bedroom…” Ify chuckled as she kept detailing

“Okay…I have heard you. I’m okay with Daniel’s boring style and whatever he finds sinful, will also be so to me. I don’t mind one style for the rest of our lives. Life isn’t about séx Ify, there are still séx styles that God frowns at, even as a married couple..I know you won’t believe so I won’t argue. The goal for us is to allow God be the centre in our home, the pilot in our marriage. That’s the most important. I have no doubt about Daniel’s love and I’m at peace with my decision..”

“…. even with a lady’s many bedroom styles offering to her man. A man who is a cheater is ready to cheat with a boring lady with no style. So relax Ify, don’t overdo things, let everything be in moderation, even the Bible said it…”

And with that the night became more quiet

She told me that she prepared yam and egg sauce

I told her I was really full from the picnic and can’t eat any other thing

I checked my friend and try to browse a little
I slept off, forgotten to pray or read the Psalm

It was the following day, after Daniel called very early to know how my night went and to update me on the excitement of his family when he informed them about the engagement.

That he will come pick me later so that we can begin the wedding plan and arrangements on how to travel to go see my parents
He reminded me of prayer before I step out.
I was excited too and informed him that I looked forward to it all with him.

I got a call from Amara after Daniel’s call, she didn’t sound too good
She said that she wasn’t feeling well and it’s serious.

I got up and quickly freshened up
I said I was going to pray later.

I picked up a taxi and left to see Amara that morning.

Arriving at Mr Law resident, I asked of Amara and Sylvester said he saw her this morning, having a cup of tea with Austin
They were laughing and enjoying their selves but he haven’t seen her again.

She’s probably in his room because they spend lots of time together.

Is Amara cråzy, why will she lie that she isn’t well when she’s obviously fine.

I was heading upstart when I ran into Mr Law

He was looking so fresh and fine in his short and beach blue shirt.

“Hey… Aka..”

“Good morning sir, I’m here to see my sister…”

“Oh! Your sister.. she’s…I don’t know. Why not ask the housekeepers..”

“I have and they said she’s with your brother..”

“Hmm! Those two.. they don’t listen. Maybe you should talk to your sister.. she’s bit distracted this days from her job. I have spoken to my brother and can’t make anything out of their friendship thingy..”

“I was beginning to suspect that’ you put her up to calling me and lying that she was ill…”

He chuckled lightly

“Why in the world will I do that Aka?

“I don’t know…Maybe to get me here… anything is possible..” I said rolling my eyes.

” You really do think low of me but it’s okay. That’s how much I have become because of you. My feeling for you is genuine, very sincere but there are certain things I won’t reduce myself to…”

He was about walking past me but suddenly pause

“If you don’t mind or I will appreciate if you can come with me. I want to show you something in the library..”

He waited for answer but I was trying to have a rethink

“…I know what you’re thinking. Believe me I’m no longer trying to win you over or show that I’m the best. I’m not..i already know that. I had a long thinking last night and came to a conclusion. Daniel is a nice guy too and has been your friend this whole years that passed. I will be glad if you’re in safe hands with a man who loves you like I do…if you think that man is Daniel then congratulations to you two. Come with me… please?

I turned and followed him to the library.

He led me to a book shelf

“Do you remember this book..? He pointed at one of the books in the shelf.

I picked it up and smile “yes… very well. Priceless Amah Heart. That’s one of the books I read from this library. Very interesting and ever fresh in my heart..”

“Yea, I’m glad you remembers. It’s also the novel that connected my emotions to yours. I still don’t know what the content says but the book title, It fit into your personality… you’re my priceless one Aka. after I gave you the last one in the shelf, I found a way to replace it. I told you the one I gave you was from my sister and how it found its way to my library I can’t explain but I’m glad it did. The first time you hugged me, although a bit unexpected but my heart beat was running at abnormal speed, there’s something special about you..”
“… you thought I was going to dismiss you after you had a fight with my ex staff.. Venus. For whatever reason you decide to return the priceless one back to the library and we talked. I erased your fear and you were so happy and hugged me. Maybe it was from that day my feelings form strongly for you. Funny enough I haven’t seen anyone with a passion to read like you. They only comes in here, clean and leave… nobody has time to study or read except you. Well, although they’re not allowed in here except for cleaning purpose but I looked forward to seeing at least one person and I’m ready to leave the library open for that person but I haven’t seen any… not even your sister…”

I heaved quietly ” why are you telling me all this?

“Just to remind you that you’re still my priceless one. It was in this same Library we shared our first kíss. I love you Aka…i don’t know what you will do with the information but it sincerely from my heart…”He said it quietly as he stares at nothing.

“I know…I believe you..”

“Thank you for believing. I may not get a lone moment with you again and no, I didn’t put your sister up to anything. You showing up here is the best coincidence…”
“… the first time I met you. You were younger, stressed but unbending and tough to handle. I love Your relentless pursuit and didn’t know I will be part of a big story..
“… I was looking for a particular club house and I wasn’t very polite in my request, you had a choice to walk away but you went around asking for address until the security guy in the fast food came to give me a direction. I offered you little change but you rejected the money. You probably thought I was a r!tualist or something but you refused taking anything. I asked you where you were headed and you said you’re in search of a job…”.

I chuckled as I flashed back

“Yea, you’re right. I was afraid that you will turn me into a cockroach or something, maybe cover me up in a bottle….”

We both laughed aloud

“…I was new to the city and was only looking out for myself since I got nobody to do that. Even if I disappear, nobody will notice I’m gone and neither will anyone look for me. I had to be tough…”

He pat my shoulder gently with a smile

“I observed. You’ve always been unrelenting and tough. When I offered you the opportunity to come work for me I never in my wildest dreams thought a peasant girl will make my heart race. I never thought a girl like you will become this beautiful lawyer and make me emotionally unstable. I’m proud of the woman you have become…”

“… I’m most grateful that I’m part of your life story.. your journey. I’m sorry if I did something I shouldn’t have unknowingly or deliberate. But every moment with you was amazing… you gave me one of the most special gift that i will forever cherished and that’s your vïrginity. I don’t take it all for granted..”

Our emotions was running fast
I can sense his tensed voice and his struggle

All I thought of was the night we spent together, it was indeed memorable.

Ify might be right when she said Mr Law isn’t the boring type when it comes to bedroom moment

Every moment was beautiful.
Daniel might be a novice in that area but I’m sure it won’t be as boring as Ify stated

Mr Law smells of freshness and fine cologne, it filled the library and my nostril.

I felt attracted in a way and it was as if nothing matters anymore except this moment.

I don’t know if thinking right but I also had fears.
I don’t trust myself at this moment with Mr Law alone with me in this confined place.

I wanted to end the conversation and be on my way but at the same time I was too eager to see the end but it’s not looking like is going to end well.

Dånger was obviously lurking around this whole moment yet I wasn’t alarmed enough to flee.

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