Episode 21


“..I took the money..” she said with a bit of remorse.

“Why will you do that Ify? You know that I’m not working and don’t have anyone to give me anything..”

“I only collected ten thousand Aka, I left the rest of the money for you. When I counted the whole money is about thirty seven thousand seven hundred that’s in there. You still have enough, twenty five thousand should be able to sort you..”


I scoffed at the audacity in her tone.

“Ify you don’t have any right to steal my money while I was asleep. I was too tired last night and used my bag as pillow, you had the mind to pull it off and had the effrontery to tell me that it’s only ten thousand.. Do you know how I got the money? What if is somebody’s money.. Ify..?

“I didn’t steal your money Aka, I took it and didn’t deny taking it. I know how you got it, I’m just surprised at the huge amount for one night of selling your body. I don’t need a suit Sayer to tell me that you are now into prøstïtütīon business.


I saw the way you walked in tired, I saw the kind of cloth you wore and the wig too. I saw it all Aka and I’m surprised that you realize so much money just in one night job, well except if you stole your client money..”

“Point of correction, I’m not into prøstïtütīon and didn’t sell my body to any man.

I could have done that because I was in desperate need but God came through for me by using the first person I went to meet to help me. It was plainly a høokup Job, I was hooked to the guy by a close ally whom I suppose to give some of the money you took.


Prøstïtütīon is when you have to go marketing your body, standing by a busy street or calling out to guys to check you out. I never did any of that and God will not allow my misery to come down to such..”

“Aka, I don’t really care how you got the money. is your body and you are free to use it as you please.


My only concern is that I noticed that you’re stingy, you secretly spend your money and will hardly drop a dime for upkeep of the house. You know you’re living rent free in my boyfriend’s house?


We don’t collect rent from you yet when you have money, you will never contribute to anything except yourself…”

“That’s not true, I fetch water for you, Uche and I everyweek with my money. Is only when I was running out of cash, I began to fetch a little for myself. You’ve collected money twice from me to fill gas and I have also fill atleast one kg about twice.


I came with so many things from the village, you and Uche gave some of it out without my knowledge and Whenever I cook, I make sure you’re and Uche eats out of it. But sometimes, the food will not even reach me twice.


There’s a time I cooked rice and beans and went for job hunt, by the time I return, Uche and Leba ate all the food, I was very angry but I couldn’t do anything.


I make sure I contribute my quota Ify. If you want me to start paying rent, you should’ve said so initially…”

“I’m not saying you should start paying rent, I’m only suggesting that you stop being self centered because you’re not the only one in need of money.

I needed the ten thousand because I don’t have anything on me. Maybe I should’ve told you first but you will never give me anything, highest maybe one thousand naira and that’s all.

If not that Uche and i are nice people, with your high level of stinginess, we would have kicked you out into the street but we didn’t. Start doing the right thing, when you keep hiding to spend your money, you aren’t wise but very føôlish.

That must be the reason that your father in the village líed that he was sick just to collect more than thirteen thousand from you. That’s the best way to treat stíngy people like you…’

I walked away from her, it was unnecessary throwing words back and forth.
I felt really bad that she will say such.

I never even knew that my father was lying to be sick and I collected thirteen thousand.

I was trying to do the exact thing he failed to do as a father, by saving money for my school registration.

But each time I save, one family issue or the other will come up and I will end up spending it all and that was the reason I never went back to school

Ify said I’m selfish because I didn’t bring out all the money I have for them to spend it all.

Who will feed me or take care of my petty expenses because she and her boyfriend will never give me a second look even if I’m dying of hunger.

We all ate everything I came from the village with and i contribute when necessary yet Ify said I wasn’t doing enough.

Despite I’m not working, she didn’t consider that.

She’s reminding me of not paying rent.
That’s very insensitive of her, I’m not surprise.

When Leba came back she called me into her room for update.

I told her that the guy gave me fifteen thousand.
Leba said I will give her five thousand and take ten.
She was impressed.

She asked me to gist her on how I performed, I didn’t perform anything but instead of talking I only smile

She began to laugh saying I was shy of gisting her

Leba asked to know if he needs my service again or I want a different hoøk up.
I told her I’m not doing again.

She asked to know why, I had to explain to her what happened.

Leba didn’t believe me

“You didn’t do anything and he gave you a whole fifteen thousand? Please reduce the level of your lying Aka. I’m into this game before you and I know how it goes.

I only get seven thousand from last night job, it wasn’t much but very normal. sometimes I get like ten, twelve and on a rare occasion fifteen and twenty.

If it’s a full booking, like two nights straight I will be coming home with twenty or twenty five thousand and if he’s stinking rich, I will get more than that. I’m gathering my money to rent a mini flat.

I have even contacted an agent to start searching for house and the total amount is three hundred thousand, in a nice area.


I have set aside money for furnishing. Is from this same høokup money I sent to my people. I got responsibility, is not like I have a choice or enjoying the hoøkup job but which company will pay me more than hundred thousand in a month with my school cert?

I don’t even have the patient to work for anyone. I hustle legit and I’m paying my bills effortlessly…”

“… you don’t need to lie because like I already told you, I know this game more than you do and I’m yet to meet that angel that will not touch me but still pay me. Just give me five thousand my darling and keep the rest.

Anytime you need a høokup Job, just let me know. I did a fine make-up for you, that must be the reason the guy couldn’t get enough of you..”

I laughed and told her that the guy said the make up was terrible
Leba was laughing so hard
She said he was only teasing me.

I returned her cloth, shoes and other items with the five thousand that she asked me to give her

Three days later, Leba called me and said I was a liâr, she said Ify told her that I collected More than thirty five thousand that night.

I explained to her how the guy wanted me to get a phone but Ify collect ten thousand from the money.

Leba said is all good, maybe the guy wanted to keep booking me, she said I should try and get a phone quick so that I can call him.

She didn’t make any trøuble with me and that was how it ended.

I bought a small phone and a sim card.
The first person I called was mama Zaram.


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