I heard a knock on the door and thought it was my Uncle and Aunty that went out this morning.

“Aka, can’t you hear somebody knocking..?” Nunu said while surfing the internet with her phone.
Molly was sitting comfortably on the sofa watching Disney animation on the television.


I was making lunch in the kitchen and had to suspend my cooking, I washed my hand quickly, use the kitchen hand towel to dry it before rushing out.

Nunu was repeatedly calling my name to go and answer the door while still focusing on her phone.

“Why not hurry with those huge legs of yours and go open the door..” Nunu shouted immediately she saw me coming out of the kitchen.

I was tempted to ask why she can’t stand up to go check who was knocking but that will be trøuble for me.

She was the closest person to the door yet she found it difficult standing up.

I ignored her usually rudeness and went to the door.
I opened the door and went straight to the inter gate that connects to the living room door
“Good afternoon sir..” I greeted Mr Lambert
He is a very close friend to Nunu’s Dad but his presence makes me very uncomfortable.

“Aka, how’re you? I guess my friend isn’t home yet, I called him on the phone and he asked me to wait..”

He walked in after I opened the gate and stood beside me as I was locking back the gate
His eyes traveled all over my body and settled on my bréâst.

“, You’re growing into a fine lady, is it not two years ago that my friend’s wife brought you to come live with them..,? How old are you now..?

“I’m 15 sir..” I replied. I felt cold and irritated
He hungrily browse around my body with his cold stares

“Look at your breâst, they’re big, hope no small boy somewhere is touching them…” He said it more quietly

“Yes sir..” I replied before going to open the main door that connects to the living room.

“Wait Aka, you’re a fine girl do you know that? see your buttøcks, they’re growing bigger too. It wasn’t looking like this when you arrive to live with my friend and his family…”

I stood as he licked his lips while staring at my backside which I try to hide
“…let me touch it to know if is real or did you wore something huge that pushed it all out.”
He made attempt to touch me but I stepped away from his reach.

I was shaking inside because he was not only a friend of the family, he was loved by everyone
He is rich and always giving gifts.
People love and respect him greatly

He always make disturbing comments whenever he sees me
I’m the only one that is never happy whenever he comes around.

” Is any boy touching you? You can tell me, I won’t tell my friend or his wife. It will be between us..”

“Nobody is touching me sir..”

I said and rushed in, leaving him by the door.

“Who was knocking, is it Uncle Lambert? my Dad said that he will be coming today..” Nunu asked looking up from her phone

Just then the man walked in, Nunu and Molly rushed excitedly and hugged him.

“Uncle Lambert, we miss you..” 8years old Molly said as Lambert lifted her up and gradually dropped her down while replying that he missed her and everyone

“I’m so happy to see you Uncle Lambert, my Dad said you were coming today, I was so excited..” Nunu said.

“Yes, I spoke with your Dad and he informed me that he went out with your Mom but they’re on their way back…”

“Uncle Lambert..” Austin called out excitedly while coming out of his room with his headphone securely over his head.

“Austino, my boy. You’re taller than the last time I saw you. I was here last week and was told you went for a piano lesson. Although I only stopped by briefly after my long journey to London to check up on my kids…”
“…What is everyone eating in this house? I was gone for only six months, the change is huge. You’re all looking good and yummy..”

He looked towards my direction and smiled mischievously
Everyone chuckled happily as they sat down.

I went back to the kitchen, in no time i returned back with the children’s lunch Which I set out on the dining while listening and watching as they squeeze around Lambert.

The children round him up, they began to fill him in on the things he missed out.

“Uncle Lambert I marked my thirteen birthday last month, my Dad said no party untill I’m fifteen but they did party for Austin when he was thirteen and fourteen..”

“Uncle Lambert, I did my own birthday in the school. My Mom bought a very big cake and many goodies for my classmates and I. My Mom said in my next birthday she will take me to see my favorite Disney characters. We’re going to Disney world, I can’t wait..” Molly sang excitedly as Lambert lifted her to his lap.
He tickles her by the side and she began to giggling childishly.

“Just don’t get your hopes too high because Mom and Dad can disappoint at the dying minutes, unexpectedly..” Nunu said to an excited Molly.

Austin chuckled as he looked up from his iPhone to Nunu
“Dad refused marking your birthday because your grades are low. He said until you start taking your book serious and get a better grades there’s no party for you..”

“, Austin, that’s not totally true because my grades are okay. You didn’t pass all of yours yet you get whatever you want, that’s unfair..”

“,I don’t get everything I want. Last year my grade was low, I wanted to upgrade my iPhone but Dad refused. Mom wanted to give me money to celebrate with my friends but dad was also against it. I didn’t really get anything important for my fifteenth birthday but I’m hoping they will make this sixteen birthday which is coming next month grand. Mom is good but Dad can be very difficult and unpredictable..”

“, Everybody relax, I’m back now and I will make sure you get whatever you wish for. I came back with many goodies. Something speacial for Molly, for Nunu and the man of the house, Austin..”

They cheered excitedly

“, What of Aka? Molly asked while smiling at him.

“What about her? She’s only a maid and not a member of the family..” Nunu said rolling her eyes.

“She’s a member of the family Nunu. Stop calling her maid..” Molly said defensively.

“Okay… okay, I will get something too for Aka. she’s a hard working pretty girl and deserve a gift. Hope she’s not having a boyfriend..? Lambert asked sarcastically

Everyone laugh, Austin said amidst laughter
“Boyfriend? Dad will throw her out into the street where she came from if she dares it in this house..”

“That’s a relief then, she will get something smooth and cuddly from me..”
I looked away as he looked towards my direction with his cocked smile

In no time, my madam and her husband came back.

“Aka..Aka! Where are you? Come and carry this bags to the kitchen.
“… what have you been doing since we left? the front door is filled with sand… why? Stop lazing around, go and sort out those things in the grocery bags…”
My Aunty shouted immediately she entered the house

I nodded obediently as she throws several instructions at me.

while her husband was exchanging pleasantries with his friend, I began to carry the groceries to the kitchen.
I was busy doing everything I was instructed while the family gathered around Lambert

Lambert began singing and hailing his friend’s wife, he called her sweet names and started spraying money on her while my Aunty danced around the sitting room excitedly. Shaking her waist vigorously, Lambert was more gingered and brought out hard currency

My uncle laugh and cheer his friend “too much money Lambert..”
while the children were jumping around, picking money from the floor excitedly.

He saw me and pause, he threw money to my side and asked me to pick that’s is mine.
I picked it up and saw it was a hundred dollar.
I said thank you and was going away when he said to my uncle and Aunty that he will like me to come do little house cleaning in his place the following day

He has been so busy and haven’t been able to get new housekeepers.

They quickly agreed even before Lambert finished talking.

I’m supposed to go over to his place tomorrow, he stays alone.
I was a bit scared, I wish I have the gút to protest.

Why do I have this awfùl feeling about Lambert
Everyone likes him and always in jubilation anytime he comes around except me.
I can’t stand his disgusting stare, his dírty little talk or the way he hungrily licks his lips while unclothing me with his eyes.

No one will believe that their favorite has a dark side
Making remarks about my bréâst and backside scares me
I’m only fifteen, he is a rich man and travels around the world, he should pick somebody of his own size and quit bothering me.

Going over to his place tomorrow send chill all over my body even as I try to wave off fear.


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