My uncle and I picked Eliza who was about going to join her Mom in the shop.

She asked me what’s going on but my uncle asked her to sit in the front before I can even say anything to her.

Immediately we arrived home, Eliza was thrilled at the big environment.

“Wow! Aka your house is fine..” she exclaimed even to the hearing of my uncle who asked her to follow him.

He was avoiding Eliza and I getting close and maybe me trying to convince her to. Be on my side

He doesn’t know that Eliza is my friend, she’s already aware of everything and will stick to the truth.

Eliza maybe a foodie but she won’t betray me, never!
I have so much confidence in that
She does not possess any sign of a traitor.

I will be right there when the question will be asked and Eliza will say her side of the story.

Immediately we got inside, she kept looking around and admiring the whole interiors.

After she greeted Mr Lambert and my Aunty, they asked her to sit while I was asked to remain standing.

They asked her if she knows me and how we became friends.

She told them that we attend the same school and in the same class
Eliza said we became friends because I’m not trøublesom and I’m one of the intelligent students
She also mentioned how I won the school debate and became popular in school and she likes moving with popular girls because she’s also smart and popular too

Although she was running her mouth too fast but everything she said was absolutely true and I felt proud of her.
“That’s my true friend..” I said quietly with a satisfying smile.

Is definitely my word against Lambert.
My uncle will believe me finally, although my Aunty will still find a way to blame me but atleast they will know the truth and know exactly who Lambert truly is.

“That debate she won wasn’t even hard, even my eight years old sister, Molly can do better than that..” Nunu said after being reminded that I won a general debate in my school.

“Yes, it wasn’t that hard, Aka was just lucky..”

But you failed the first and second trial test before the selection.. i quickly reminded Eliza in mind. Although she can’t hear me but she was wrong to agree with Nunu.
Because the debate wasn’t a child play, I put in so much work to win.

It hurt when people throw all your hard work to the bin just because they’re jealousy or have resentment towards you.

I took a deep breath and focused as my uncle caution them and asked them to be quiet and focus on the reason we gathered.

“Uncle Lambert, Aka told me how you gave her 200 dollar, that’s huge.You’re too kind sir…”
Eliza said and began to giggle without control.
I never told her is 200, it was just a 100 dollar and Eliza doesn’t have to bring that up.

“Is obvious you’re a smart young girl, I use to send your type abroad to study and mingle with the rich and famous. You’re pretty and such life will fits you perfectly. Brief me about your family, let me know where I can start helping you and through that I will know which country fits you better ..” Mr Lambert said to Eliza with a cocked smile plastered all over his face.

That was a trap, Eliza better not fall for it.
I wonder why everyone can’t see clearly that Lambert is trying to buy Eliza over. They just sat there looking up to him interestingly.
My uncle seems to know what Lambert is doing, he’s not looking satisfied or smiling like his wife.
Shame unto Lambert because Eliza will never lie.

“Thank you sir, I have never traveled outside this country and hopefully I will. my Mom can’t afford much, she’s raising my sister and I alone ever since my father left her to be with another woman. My sister is living with my grandma in another State, we go to see them during long holidays. I don’t usually go because that place is like a village, is not fine or develop like this big city, Is only my Mom that travels to visit them. I will be so happy if I have enough money and I know Mom will be proud…” Eliza was just talking without thinking, she has forgotten what she told me and other classmates about her family

Eliza told me her father is in Canada with her junior sister and after school she will be traveling to join them.

“Your Mom will be proud indeed. I will give you something to give to your Mom and also for yourself. Keep doing whatever you’re doing and you will go far in life. Don’t follow bād misleading friends because they will close big opportunities for you..” Lambert flashed his dévil eyes on me

I knew already, I’m the one he’s referring to as “misleading friends” he’s so shameless trying to sweet talk Eliza but I know his tricks won’t work on her.

My uncle cleared his truth loudly and turned to Eliza.

“,So Eliza, earlier today you were with Aka?

Eliza nooded affirmative

“Tell us exactly what happened..”

“Okay, when she saw me in the morning, Aka told me that she was going to clean uncle Lambert house and asked me to follow her. I told her that my Mom will not allow me to go anywhere that morning, she followed me home to inform my Mom before we left. When we got there, uncle Lambert asked her what took her so long, she told him she was waiting for bus but he wasn’t offended, instead he asked us if we’ve eaten and offered us breakfast but Aka said she wasn’t hungry and I left with Lukas, Mr Lambert house boy to the kitchen. I don’t know what happened again..”

Eliza wasn’t saying everything as it was, I’m already having a trust issue over her.

“Hmm! When next do you see her and what happened…” My uncle who was not only a lawyer by profession but also a business man asked.

“That was..eeh.” she looked towards me, acting like she was thinking.

“…oh! I remember, while I was in the kitchen with Lukas, Aka rushed in and ordered me to leave. I told her that I wasn’t done with my food but she didn’t want to hear of it, she kept insisting that I should leave the food. I was curious and asked her what was going on, even Lukas also wanted to know but she didn’t have any convincing reply and when Lukas wanted to go check on uncle Lambert Aka stopped him. She told us that he was taking a nap and didn’t want to be disturbed. I had to suspend the rest of my food and follow her. She was acting all suspicious all through, she wasn’t relaxed at all. She dragged me to a hidden corner when I will not stop asking what was going on and began to tell me that she kílled Uncle Lambert, saying uncle Lambert is déãd…”

My uncle turned to me
“Aka why didn’t you call for help or open up to them back in the kitchen about Lambert. He was lying lifeless in his room when you ran out I presume, you didn’t seek for help or look for means to pass the information across to us so that he can get medical help. You kept mute, dragged your friend out and according to her, you were acting suspicious and in another word that’s guilt trap…”

“I couldn’t tell because I was afráid to be wrongly accused for what I didn’t do intentional…”

“If was not deliberate act, Why exactly did you do it then..” my Aunty finally asked

“It was a self defense aunty. I won’t stand there and watch him succeed in overpowering and râping me..”

“Ráping you..? Lambert said getting up.

My Aunty was busy insülting me for throwing such a strong accusation on Lambert

Lambert turned to my uncle

“… you understand clearly that this is a defamation of character? I would have been pressing charges if she wasn’t from you. There are things I don’t joke with and that is my name and personality. I’m a public figure and if stuff like this get out there, the paparazzi and the local news will carry it without checking for authenticity, if the news is a fact or not no one cares, that’s why I don’t joke with my name and if your maid say another negative thing about me again, just one more time, I will damn all consequences, without care sue her and she will be locked up for good..”

“My sincere apologies Lambert, I understand this isn’t funny and such accusations is not healthy..” my uncle said.

His wife apologize and did not stop cursing me.
This Lambert is an actor.
Looking at the whole act he is putting on just to appear convincing, is only the gullible one that will fall for it.
I’m not one bit afraid because I know I’m saying the fact
Everything I said is true.

Eliza suddenly scoffed loudly.

“Aka, but uncle Lambert is a kind man and he can never do such a thing. You wanted to run away with the money uncle Lambert gave you. I try to talk you out of it but you said you don’t want to be caught or go to prison…”

The shock on everyone’s face was alarming.
They all turned to me with terrór in their eyes.


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