“I’m not going back, I want to go home..” I finally summoned courage and said and I stood headstrong on my word

I knew that saying such will land me in trøuble but I refused to waver.
I’m not backing down no matter what comes out of it.

“What did you just say..? My aunty asked, pretending like she didn’t hear me well

I cleared my throat loudly and repeatedly said.
“Aunty, I’m sorry but i have to disobey just this once, I have never gone against your words or argue with your orders.

I’m an obedient girl and my parents raised me well but since nobody wants to listen to me, I just have to look out for myself..”

“…my both parents are still alive, I want to go back to them, I’m not going back to Uncle Lambert house…”
“…I just explained what transpired in his house, how he has been making strange advances at me for a while now, I was afráid going to his house but nobody was willing to listen to me, I took a friend with me to his place but as my friend and one of his domestic boy went to the kitchen, uncle Lambert said I will be cleaning his room, on getting to the room he began to touch me inappropriately, I told him to leave me to do my job, I even said I will tell my uncle and aunty and he said nobody will believe me..”

“… and he’s obviously right because no matter how many times I said this, none of you believe that your favorite, uncle Lambert is capable of such évil, you want to cover him up, I’m not surprise at all, I know if It was Nunu or Molly, you will definitely take this up untill the truth surface. You all won’t hesitate to dig up the truth and expose this culprit..”

“You really got some nerve, your guts needs to be unwinged you daughter of a nobody, stúpíd girl..”
My Aunty stood up and try to sláp me but the camouflage human among them, in the person of Lambert stopped her.

“Is okay Aina, she’s just naive and misled. I’m afraid she’s probably moving with group of kids that are dëcéiving her…”

“.. I will forgive her for everything she said because of the Love I have for this family. is actually painful, so painful that my good deed will turn out bād…”

“I’m very sorry Lambert, so so sorry. I know this is dirts to your person and reputation. I never knew that this girl is capable of such évil accusations..” my uncle said before Turning to me.

“… Aka, we took you in as ours, cared for you, food on your belle, shelter and even pays school fees every term for you.

How could you do this, lie against a good friend of this family because you begged him for money and he refused and while he was trying to advice you, you angrily pushed him and he fell..”

“,I didn’t just fall because of her pushing..” Lambert interrupted
“… something slipped me right down and at that moment my Life flashed before me.

I was in shock on the ground for about five minutes and when I finally recovered she was gone, I checked and realized that it was the banana peel she ate and left on the ground that brought down…”

“Hey! This girl is capable of kílling, imagine what she went to do because she was given freedom to come clean your house, this is why is not good to help the poor.

She even have the nerve to start talking trash..hey! Human being..” my aunty kept exclaiming angrily.

“She had requested for the banana, after I asked her if she had eaten and she said she was hungry but will rather take money instead of food. I even asked my domestic staff to prepare something for she and her friend.

But Aka refused and it was until I was pointing out the important places in my room I needed her to tidy because she came late, my boy has already cleaned almost the entire house.

Aka surprised me and you can ask my boy or even her friend if any of what I said is a lie. I’m a very important person and I will not want anything that will ruine my reputation..”

“We understand that very clearly and so sorry for everything. She’s always acting like she can’t hürt a fly in the house, unknown to us that she’s a viper, very dangerous girl and is not even safe for her to live with us again..” my aunty said

“No, no.. I’m not asking you to drive her away, I only want her to be cautioned. My reputation is on the line, let me put it to you that Aka can make a very good actress, she surprised me today.”

“Uncle Lambert, so how did you get out and come down here without Aka seeing you leave..” Molly whom I thought was watching her favorite Barbie show on her iPad said while looking up at Lambert.

“Stay quiet or better go to your room when adults are talking. This is not a kid discussion so quit bothering everyone..” Nunu warned her sister while demonstrating with her phone in hand.

“Why are you also here Nunu, when you’re not yet an adult? I’m eight years and will soon be nine, I’m not a kid. If I’m not meant to be here then that includes you too, beside uncle Lambert can explain how he left the house unnoticed. Aka doesn’t like lying, she said so herself…”

“Shush your childish mouth Molly, don’t talk when adults are having discussion that doesn’t concern you. I’m thirteen and that makes me old enough to be here.

And your question is irrelevant because your Aka, the common maid you always support went to steal from Uncle Lambert but get caught in the trap and she’s a big liár, Hope all this will make you have a rethink when next you want to defend a commoner…”

Their father asked them to keep quiet and go to their room
Austin wasn’t home, if not he would have joined the gang to condemñ me.

Mr Lambert asked that Nunu and Molly to stay back so that he can explain to them clearly.

“She asked for money and I said I was going to give her after she is through with the cleaning. She went to the fridge in my room and took apple and banana without my permission but I didn’t take offense since she’s from here.

After I left Aka to clean my room, I returned back and saw that she was busy searching my bedside cabinets for money.

I tried to advise her because I’m sure she must be getting the wrøng advice either from school somewhere, Aka became angry and said she wasn’t cleaning the room anymore, she pushed me aside and that was when the banana peel she dropped on the floor sent me crashing down, my glass bedside table that I got from Paris, is very fragile and have been with me for ten years, sadly it broke into pieces.

The saddest part of this whole thing is that Aka left me struggling with my life and went to the kitchen to eat. She initially said she was not hungry but after the incident..”

He sighed sadly, shakes his head.
This whole lie came out very smooth in his mouth. He must’ve properly cooked it up on his way here or planned it ahead.
. Lambert is indeed a wícked man.

“…did you all know that they were busy eating and making serious noise in my kitchen when I walked out of the house unnoticed?

I drove out with my driver, I stopped to quickly see my doctor at the hospital. After the check up, I felt relieved when he assured me that there’s no serious hürt.

He took care of the little wound I sustained and gave me some pain relief, I felt fit again.

I decided to drive by myself down here, thinking she was already home…”

“… The main purpose of her coming to my place is still not fulfilled. That’s why I wanted her to come over, maybe by tomorrow to finish up with the cleaning

“Sorry uncle Lambert..” the kids chorused.

“We can’t stop apologizing for Aka’s attitude. Please my friend, don’t take it to heart..” my uncle said

“Once she’s done cleaning your place tomorrow, she’s going back to the village. I can’t live with such maid, who knows what next she will do, causing problem for us or even running away with our money.

Before my help will turn to my doom, she will have to go back to her wretched parents…” My aunty said añgrily.

“Aka, com’on kneel down and apologies to Lambert, ask for his forgiveness and make sure you remain on your knees until he forgives you..” my uncle barked at me

“Uncle, he’s lying. I have been here for three years and you all knows that I’m not capable of any of what he mentioned, I haven’t stolen anything in my life before.

I have already said the truth, please don’t send me back to his hy. Mr Lambert wanted to râpé me, I’m not lying. None of what he said is true. He was touching my bréâst and..”

My Aunty angrily rose up from her seat, pounce on me like a prey, the next thing is double slap on my face
She kicked and hit me none stop until I was on the ground.
Her husband asked her to let me go

“Mummy beat her very well..” that’s Nunu’s voice.
Lambert was acting like a savior telling them to stop beating me.

I was left with injuries
I was forced to apologise to Lambert.

Mr Lambert said such accusations I Iabelled on him is huge, if care is not taking he may even get me arrested.

my aunty said he can go ahead and lock me up.
My uncle told his friend that it haven’t gotten up to involving the police.

“..since there’s a witness, the friend Aka went with to your place we should go get her since she stays not too far from here. Atleast the girl will get to say all that happened..”

I felt better atleast I told Eliza what happened and she knows some of this things.
It will be my word against Lambert.
I hope Eliza will stick to the truth.


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