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Theme: LOVE

Written by Sunshine R.


Chapter 61 & 62


“How dare you” Nicholas opened his eyes and grabbed the syringe away from the man shoving it directly into his n.eck.

” Nicholas what the h£ll are you doing? He is your doctor” Mr Brooks moved back shakily.

The man fell on the floor lifeless and Nicholas turned to Mr Brooks who swallowed a gallon of saliva.

” Hehehe…..i…….” Mr Brooks stammered while moving back, Nicholas kept moving backwards.


Mr Brooks opened the door preparing to run away but he bumped into the cops instead.

” You’re under arrest Mr Brooks and you have the right to remain si….” Mr Brooks f@inted before the cops could finish their statement.

They cvffed him and took him away while Harold came in with the doctor.

” How are you feeling buddy” Harold w0rriedly asked Nicholas.

” I’m fine dude, thanks buddy” Nicholas tapped his shoulder and he nodded.

“You need some rest Mr Brooks, your wounds needs to be treated daily”the doctor said while Nicholas wore his jacket.

” Thanks doctor” he gave the doctor a polite smile and left the hospital with Harold.


It was already past midnight but Athena couldn’t sleep after finding out that Flowerina is back, she kept pacing back and forth restlessly while biting her lips.

She heard the sound of a car driving into the mansion and rushed to the window to check who it was, she gasped when she saw Nicholas getting out of the car.

Fe@r gripped her as he walked into the house, she closed her eyes and released a deep breath before gathering some courage to face him.

Nicholas came in and stopped on his track when he saw her in the living room.

” Why aren’t you sleeping?” He asked while going upstairs.

” I was worried about you, why did you leave the hospital? “Athena followed him to his room.

” Just leave me for now Athena I need some rest” Nicholas got rid of his jacket.

” Flowerina is back do you know about it?”she asked but Nicholas ignored her.

” Are you d!tching me for her?”she asked in a shaky tone.

” We’ll talk about this Athena just leave” Nicholas said in a tone of finality and she left.


Harold entered the house and sighed tiredly before going to the cellar and poured himself a drink

” Hope you had fun with her?” Celine asked while coming out of the kitchen.

Harold ignored her and kept drinking.

” Now that she is back do you want to div0rce me and marry her, or you rather keep che@ting? “She asked and Harold sighed.

” There’s nothing between me and Amara, and besides she is married, just leave her out of this” he stood up and began heading to his room.

” And remember don’t get m@d at me when I bring a baby mama home” He said and entered his room.

” What! “Celine stood up following him to the room.

” If you dare try that then I’m going to bvrn you and your baby mama together” Celine h!ssed and left the room.



Fernando looked around and made sure no one was following him before going to the underground room where he hid Gina.

” Guess what Flowerina is back” Fernando said and squatted in front of her.

“How is that possible?” Gina pan!cked.

” I don’t know but I want you to do something for me” Fernando smirked.

” I’m tired of this kind of life Nando, please just end my life” Gina br0ke into te@rs.

” Not yet sweetheart, not yet, just do this last one before you d!e” Fernando gripped her hair.

Gina started regretting everything she has done.


Nicholas didn’t go to work,he sat on the couch working on his laptop with Athena sitting across him.

Noah already went to school though with lots of elite guards for protection.

“Someone tempered with the car and planted the b0mb,find out who wants my son’s life” Nicholas pretended to be sending a voice note while observing Athena.

Athena began moving restlessly on the couch, Nicholas smirked and dropped his phone, before leaving the house.


Miguel sat in front Mr Brooks with a triumph smile on his face.

” See where your w!ckedness landed you,you must be so happy to be here” Miguel said and Mr Brooks squeezed his face.

Miguel brought out some papers and gave them to Mr Brooks,he read them and began trembl!ng.

” What have you done to the company” Mr Brooks asked in a shaky tone.

” I sold it out” Miguel said proudly.

” Jesus Christ” Mr Brooks gasped and Miguel laughed loudly.

” I donated the money to the orphanage and the rest i…..” Mr Brooks fa!nted immediately due to high bIo0d pressure.

Miguel laughed and stood up to leave but bumped into Nicholas.

” Let’s talk later” Nicholas said and Miguel nodded before they both walked away.

Nicholas waited for few minutes and Brooks woke up.

” My mother where is she?” Nicholas went straight to the point.

” Your mother was the cause of everything”He bvrsted into laughter that later turned to te@rs.

” She’s so gre£dy and w!cked,all she wanted was lots of money and more money” Brooks said and h@tred could be seen in his eyes.

” When we gave birth to Blair,I was still struggling to cater for my family’s needs but your mother never appreciated that”

” She once locked me out of the house because I didn’t give her money for her skin care products,and nearly sold Blair out because our rent exp!red,when she gave birth to you,she h@ted you so much,she made me go into r0bbery and she kept urging to r0b,she later ran away and made everyone believe that I was m@ltreating her” Brooks sighed after explaining everything.

” I know she will soon come back,get ready to handle her tr0ubles” Brooks said and Nicholas kept contemplating whether to believe him or not.


Matthew and Amara sat opposite Harold who held a s@d and tired expression on his face.

” Harold can you please leave Luna to stay with me,I don’t want my daughter to stay with another woman,I know how stepmothers can be,I will not stop you from coming to see her or taking her out but just leave her for me” Amara said breathlessly.

” I understand that Amara,and I’m also sorry for doing that to you in the past” Harold said biting his lips.

” Thanks for understanding us Harold we are really grateful” Matthew said and left the place with Amara.

“I fking messed up” Harold gritted his teeth.


Flowerina sat in Nicholas’s office waiting for him to return.

“Mi gema sorry for keeping you wait” Nicholas entered the office.

” It’s fine” Flowerina hugged him and he smiled.

” How’s your health? “Flowerina asked while touching the !njury on his forehead.

” I’m completely fine gema” he pecked her lips and she smiled.

” When are you going to introduce yourself to the kids? “Flowerina asked as they both sat down.

” Will they like me?” Nicholas asked back nerv0usly.

” Of course Adrianna has been longing for her father’s attention” Flowerina held his hand.

” While Adrian is just like you, he doesn’t get along with people easily, so bossy, cold, and reserved” Flowerina made a funny expression and Nicholas bvrsted into laughter.

Gina breaths shakily as she walked to the police station,she escaped when Fernando left the house and decided to confess everything.

“How can we help you ma’am?” The police asked.

” I’m here to make a confession” she said as te@rs dropped down her face.

The police took her to their interrogation room and sat opposite her.

“I….we….” A gvnsh0t was f!red and Gina fell lifeless on the floor in her own pool of blo0d.


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