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Theme: LOVE

Written by Sunshine R.


Chapter 51 & 52


Flowerina came downstairs dressed in a white jumpsuit with heels her hair was packed to one side of her shoulder,she is the true definition of hot and gorgeous though she had a face surgery after Gina destr0yed her face and now she is having a whole new different face.

” Mummy” Arianna ran to hug her mother.

” How is my baby doing?”Flowerina carried her and placed a kss on her forehead.


” I’m fine mum, Adrian doesn’t want to talk to me anymore” Adrianna pouted her cute small pink lips.

” He will come around you know how grumpy your brother can be” Flowerina made a funny expression and Adrianna laughed.

” I heard that” Adrian said and they both sighed.

” Morning mum” Adrian said while taking his school bag from his nanny.

” Morning my prince” Flowerina bends to his level and k!ssed his cheek.

Adrian is just like his father always grumpy and cold,he rarely talks and also dmn intelligent.

Adrianna also took her bag and they left the house together.

” Bye mum” Adrianna blew Flowerina a kss before running to meet her friends.

” Bye” Adrian waved at Flowerina before inserting his hands in his pocket bossily walking to his class.

” Just like his father” Flowerina chuckled and drove off.

” Hey girly wassup” Amara’s voice came through the speaker.

” Hey Mara,where are you? I just dropped the kids in school” Flowerina said.

” I’ll meet you in the office then” Amara said and hung up.

Wondering how they met?

Amara followed Matthew to Argentina and they fell in love and got married after Amara gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

An old woman saved Flowerina when she saw her unconsci0us by the sea shore,she took care of Flowerina untill she gave birth,and the old woman turned out to be Matthew’s grandmother.


Matthew is a famous surgeon known across the world,he went to France for a surgery and fell in love with Amara at first sight and now they’re married.

” C’mon Matt I’ll be back before you know it” Amara pouted her lips and pushed Matthew away from her.

” But I’m missing you already,gosh you don’t know how much I love you right” Matthew whinnied with his arms around her waist while k!ssing her at intervals.

” I love you more but I have to go to work Flower will be stressed out if I don’t” Amara co@xed him and he and peck his lips.

” Ok but be back early okay”Amara nodded at his cuteness.

” I love you” she winked at him and ran out of the mansion.

Matthew chuckled and licked his lips.


Flowerina sat in her office holding a pencil trying to sketch some designs when Amara came in.

” Finally I thought you resigned” Flowerina rolled her eyes.

” Matt’s the pr0blem not me” Amara replied and sat opposite her.

” How is he?”Flowerina asked referring to Matthew.

” He’s fine,how are my adorable babies?”Amara said.

” All fine bring Luna over during the weekend Adrianna has been on my throat”Flowerina said and Amara chuckled.

” Sure”

” So there’s this upcoming wedding, it’s actually the president’s daughter that’s getting married and she wants a wedding dress made just for her and I came up with these” Flowerina pushed some sketches in front of Amara and she began going through.

” Let’s go with this one, it’s armless and it will look sxy,then we add more glitters to the chest” Amara suggests and Flowerina nodded.

” Ok let’s get to work” They both went to the sewing room and began working on the dress.



Fourteen years old Noah came downstairs carrying his backpack looking so handsome and young.

“Where are your manners young man?” Athena said when Noah made to go out of the house.

” Stay away from me Athena I know your secrets and might expose them soon”Noah glared at her and left the house.

” Mummy how do I look?” Kara twirled in front of Athena.

” Just get out of my sight”Athena shouted at her.

” Gosh I h@te you” Kara h!ssed and left the house with her driver.

Nicholas came downstairs holding his briefcase looking handsome as usual,Athena bit her lips and stood up to meet him.

” You look dashing Nick” she fixed tie but he just kept the cold expression.

” Bye” she said when Nicholas walked away.

She stayed in the mansion for seven good years but Nicholas never looked her way nor touched unless if she drugs him and have her way,though he always gets @ngry whenever she does that and now it has reached the stage that he doesn’t eat nor drink anything in the house.

” When will you look at me Nick” she sighed s@dly.


Fernando came downstairs only to meet his son playing video games in the living room.

” And why are you not in school?” Fernando asked but Darrell only scoffed.

” Young man I’m talking to you” Fernando shouted at him and he finally faced him.

” I’m not in the mood to go to school,let me enjoy my life” Darrell said rvdely and faced his game.

Fernando walked to him and disconnected the game.

” Hey” Darrell shouted at him.

” How dare you” Fernando raised his hand to h!t him but Gina held it.

Darrell h!ssed and went to his room, Fernando turned to glare at Gina.

“Calm down Nando he’s just a little boy,take it easy on him” Fernando h!ssed and left the house.


Nicholas was still working when Harold came in with eye bags under his eyes looking so tired and frvstrated.

” Are you a z0mbie” Nicholas bursted into laughter for the first time in seven years.

” Stop m0cking me bro that woman will not be the end of me” Harold h!ssed and sat down.

” What did she do this time?”

” She locked me out of the house accusing me of che@ting on her” Harold explain and Nicholas laughed again.

” I told you not to let go of Amara but you did and now you’re…….”

” I’m the fo0lish man on earth I know how I wish I could go back to the past and make things right” Harold exhaled sharply.

” Go take a shower and rest a lil bit before going back to your den” Nicholas giggled and Harold glared at him.


Dem0n puffed out sm0ke while waiting for Fernando’s arrival.

“Father why is everything always about Reaper when I’m here” Ven0m foamed.

” Because I loved his mother but your mother was just a maid” Dem0n puffed out more sm0ke and Ven0m got more fur!ous and jeal0us of Reaper.

” Then let’s end this today” Ven0m said with a dev!lish smirk on his face and before Dem0n knew it all the guards pinged their gvns at him and Ven0m immediately used that moment to send a bvllet straight to his skvll.

” Clear his body” He said ven0mously.

” How dare you Ven0m” Fernando known as Reaper rushed to Ven0m and $t@bbed him in his forehead,he removed the kn!fe and tore his stomach open.

Ven0m gro@ned loudly before falling on the floor l!felessly.

“Boss”they all bowed to him.

” I want all the ladies in the dungeon to be sold out today” Reaper commanded and they immediately got into action.

Reaper stared at his father’s de@d body and released a dev!l!sh smile.


Amara and Flowerina finally closed from work and were on their way to pick up the kids from school.

” Don’t you miss Nicholas?” Amara asked and Flowerina sighed softly.

” I can contact him yunno and you……”

” No need I’m not ready to meet him yet” Flowerina said and te@rs gathered in her eyes.

” It’s been seven years already, don’t you miss mum,dad,Carina and little Noah” Amara asked.

” Amara please”

” You’re just too self!sh,Mum has been down since you went missing,how will you feel when…..”

” I’ll think about it” Flowerina sniffles with mixed feelings.

“I’m sorry if I hvrt your feelings” Amara pats her back.

” It’s fine” They picked up the kids from school and went to their various houses.


Luna jumped on Amara the moment she entered.

” Mummy” Amara giggles and k!ssed her nose.

” Dad is preparing some special for you”Luna whispered to Amara but it was loud enough for Matthew to hear.

” Gosh Luna can’t you keep a secret?” Matthew rolled his eyes at her and Amara chuckled.

“Guess who is here?” They heard a voice behind them.

” Grandma Esther” Luna came down from Amara arms and ran to hug her granny.

” Let’s leave this two alone granny has something to show you” Granny took Luna away after hugging Matthew and Amara.

” It’s just us” Matthew said n@ughtily and Amara laughed.

” Let’s give Luna a kid bro” Matthew wrapped his arms around her.

Amara burst into te@rs and Matthew began pan!cking.

” What if Harold comes to take Luna from us I can’t bear it” Amara hugged Matthew tightly.

” I will do everything in my power to stop that,and I know Luna will choose you over and over again,so just calm down okay it hvrts to see you cr*” Matthew successfully co@xed her and she calmed down.

” Make Love to me Matt” Amara sedvctively whispered in his ears.

” Your wish is my command” He scoops her in his arms going to their bedroom.


Flowerina retired to her room after the kids f*ll asleep,she sighed s@dly at the thought of going back to France,how is she going to face Nicholas?was the thought running through her mind.

” Gosh Flowerina where is your confidence?” Her mind said and she sighed again.

” I can do this” She closed her eyes and f*ll asleep.


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